The government must save precious financial resources, energies and time, by opting for utilization of the existing public sector generation companies (Gencos) for the re-gasified Liquified Natural gas (RLNG) project, the Planning Commission has made in observation to the government.

What was the need to waste the resource over the establishment of Ravi Power Park Company (private) Limited and Chenab Power Park Company (private) Limited because the government already has the asset of technical staff in shape of Gencos employees, an official source told The Nation. “I do not know why the government wants to make things complicated, making new companies, employing untrained people,” the official remarked adding that the high technical employees of Gencos will help government save money and times in the implementation of the power plants projects. Furthermore these Gencos will also make some money and their employees will get bonuses which will in turn make them more enthusiastic and energetic, the official informed.

“Instead of wasting resources, time and energies in the making of new companies for the Re-gasified Liquefied Natural Gas (RLNG) power plants the government should have to utilise the existing public sector Generation Companies (Gencos) for the timely completion of the power plant, the official said. In its observation, the Planning Commission has asked the government that instead of using new chimps the government should utilise the already existing public sector Gencos for the installation of power plants, the source informed.

The government is planning to install two combined cycle power plants in Punjab. The power plants, 1200 MW each, will be constructed in Balooki (district Kasur) and Haveli Bahader Shah (district Jhang) will cost around Rs 178 billion. The estimated cost of Balooki power plant is around Rs 88 billion while Haveli Bahadar Shah will cost Rs 90 billion.

The government has allocated Rs 3.8 billion for the RLNG power plants in the PSDP 2015-16 and has set a target of two years for the completion of these projects. For the execution of the projects, two companies have been set up in the public sector, to be working under the National Power Parks Management Company, namely Ravi Power Park Company (private) Limited and Chenab Power Park Company (private) Limited.

There are four Generation Companies (Gencos) already working in public sector namely Jamshoro Power Generation Company Limited (GENCO-1), Central Power Generation Company Limited (GENCO-2), Northern Power Generation Company Limited (GENCO-3) and Lakhra Power Generation Company Limited (GENCO-IV). Each of these generation companies have hundreds of employs, vast experience, technical know-how and operational capabilities, why not to take advantage of their services, the official asked.

The remaining time set by the government for the completion of the RLNG fired projects is only 22 months and the only way out is engaging the public sector Gencos, the official maintained.