Lambasting India for its ongoing approach against Pakistan, PTI AJK chapter leader Sideeque Advocate warned New Delhi to refrain from adopting any aggressive design against Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

Otherwise, he added, New Delhi should be ready to face a response in the same coin as the people of AJK would turn the liberated territory into the graveyard of the Indian army if it dared launch any misadventure against the territorial jurisdiction of the liberated area in any form.

Sideeque was commenting on the recent aggressive statements of the Indian leaders including Prime Minister Modi and his info minister in Dhaka and New Delhi respectively.

Talking to newsmen in his office chamber, the advocate said that India lives in the paradise of fools if it thinks of launching any aggression against the territorial jurisdiction of Pakistan or Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The Kashmiri leader called upon the international community especially the United Nations to take immediate notice of India’s increased designs of aggression and expansionism in the region.

He urged the international community including the UN to exert pressure on New Delhi to move for resolving the Kashmir issue in line with the UN resolutions for ensuring early grant of right to self-determination to the people.