LAHORE - The Punjab Assembly on Wednesday unanimously carried a resolution against Indian Prime Minister Narindar Modi on the statement he made during his visit to Bangladesh that India had conspired to dismember Pakistan in 1971.

The entire house with one voice said that the statement of Modi indicated the nefarious thoughts and evil intentions for which it can go to any extent trampling international law and morality. The statement of Indian Prime Minister is a sorry indication of the Indian behaviour in the region that it believed in terrorism and conspiracy and Pakistan must expose its gruesome face at the international level, the resolution presented by the Opposition added.

It said the statement of Indian premier that Indians moved in Mukti Bahni to ignite anti-Pakistan sentiments in Bangladesh and tempt them to demand separate state, is an open challenge to international community vis-à-vis India designs in the region. It demanded the government of Pakistan to take a united line of action on Modi’s statement to show the international community real face of India.

The resolution demanded that Pakistan government should also sever diplomatic ties with India since Pakistan nation is passing through severe mental agony after statement of Modi.

The House with Speaker Rana Muhamamd Iqbal Khan, unanimously passed another resolution to express solidarity with the Rohingya Muslims of Myanmar (Burma). The resolution strongly condemned the brutal killing of Muslims, including children and women in Mynmar, thousands of them stranded in miserable state near Bangladesh border. The resolution moved by the Opposition, expressed deep concern over the apathy shown by the UN Security Council, Amnesty International and other international human rights organisations towards the huge number of killings of the Burmese Muslims and demanded the government of Pakistan to take up the matter at the international forum.

Another resolution was carried to express condolences over the killing of MPA Rana Muhammad Shamshad and his son in Kamonki last week.

The session, which started over two hours after the stipulated time at 2pm, also carried with majority two bills for the establishment of Jhang University and Sahiwal University. The draft bill for setting up institute of Quran and Seerat Studies (amendment) Ordinance 2015 was also presented in the House.

The opposition staged a walkout in protest against the infringement of the rights of the blind who were protesting outside the chamber on that day over not getting jobs and salaries despite promises by the government. The opposition wanted to bring a resolution in support of the blind out of turn but was not allowed by the chair.

Minister Malik Nadeem Kamran told the House that under instructions of the speaker, talks were going on with blind and a way-out was near. But leader of the Opposition Mian Mahmudur Rashid objected and said “the government sends the blind back giving them ‘lollypop’ of promise while practically nothing has been done for them”.

Malik Nadeem asked the opposition leader not to use the matter for political points scoring. It offended the opposition which staged walkout in protest but later returned when a team of ministers approached them.

Speaking on the issue, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah Khan said after the blind staged protest last year, talks were held with them as a result of which, the blind were engaged to daily wagers on the assurance that after lifting of the ban on jobs, they would be preferred over others for permanent induction in the public departments.

After the ban was lifted, directions had been passed to the departments to award job on the blind, some 900 in total, on preference as per the CM directions, he added.

Sanaullah further said the departments have also asked not to remove blind from the job and retain them on contract or on daily wages till creation of regular jobs for them. However he lamented certain people were instigating the blind not to accept the government commitment and continue to block the roads and protest.

Replying to questions on Services and General Administration Department during the question hours, Parliamentary Secretary Ali Asghar Munda said that as many as 11 former bureaucrats were illegally occupying residences in GOR and legal action was being followed to get the houses vacated from them. To a question on the helicopter under the use of CM Shahbaz Sharif, PTI member Mian Aslam Iqbal alleged that persons other than CM were also using the chopper.

However, the chair sought detail of people enjoying the heli-service since August 5, 2013.

The opposition benches also mounted strong protest over killing of two brothers in Rawalpindi at the hand of the police.

The session was adjourned for today (Thursday).