Islamabad - Returning Officers of four National Assembly and three Punjab Assembly constituencies have rejected the allegations of Pakistan Muslim League-Quaid candidates for not issuing them notices for consolidation of results of general elections 2013.

The judicial officers - Amir Habib of NA-134, Rafaqat Ali Qamar NA-140, Ejaz Hussain Awan NA-142, Arshad Hussain NA-164, Imtiaz Hussain PP-61, Mohammad Qasim Khan PP-109 and Qamar Ijaz of PP-215 - appearing before the commission on Wednesday denied the allegations.

They told that consolidation notices were issued to the PML-Q candidates through process servers and their agents were present at the time of consolidation of results. They also submitted the copies of the notices before the commission.

The PML-Q leaders, Khurram Munawar Munj from NA-134, Dr Azeemud Din from NA-140, Sardar Talib Hussain Nakai from NA-142, Muhammad Shah Khaja from NA-164, Khalid Pervaiz Gill from PP-61 Faisalabad, Shafat Hussain from PP-109 and Sardar Muhammad Yar Hiraj from PP-215 Khanewal had alleged that neither they nor their agents were allowed to participate in the consolidation of elections 2013 results.

They also stated before the commission that the ROs in their respective constituencies did not issue notice to them for the consolidation of results. However, during the proceeding on Wednesday almost all the ROs, on query of PML-Q counsel Khalid Ranjha, told that after the polling was over the Polling Officers (POs) had given them Form-14 and on the basis of that they have tabulated the result of respective constituency.

The rejected that votes were sent in separate bags and they did not examine as no candidate had requested for that, adding the postal ballot papers received in sealed envelops were also counted at the time of consolidation. The RO of NA-140 Rafaqat Ali Qamar told it was wrong that he compiled the result behind the back of the candidates.

During the proceedings, Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk hinted of summoning its own witness. The chief justice said that they were examining the record and after that may decide of summoning its own witness and will inform the political parties in a day or two.

The Commission rejected Election Commission of Pakistan plea to place the record of Forms 15. Salman Akram Raja told that they want to place the record of Form 15, which is possessed by ECP itself from Returning Officers (ROs). Form 15 contains the record of ballot papers, prepared by presiding officers.

The chief justice, however, told him that the ECP should keep the same record of Form 15 with it and if there will be needed the record regarding the particular constituency could be summoned from the ECP.

During the hearing, the chief justice observed that 84 percent of Form 15 has been received by district courts judges. He asked the counsels for political parties to examine the records of Form 15 and assist the commission of its impact. He told that they are also analysing the record as well.

Meanwhile, Jamaat-i-Islami also produced three private witnesses to establish that elections were rigged by MQM in Karachi. Muhammad Hussain Mahnti, JI’s leader, while recording his statement before the commission told that whole polling staff was hostage by MQM and severe irregularities were done on polling day, therefore, the party boycotted the elections.

He submitted that the caretaker chief minister had summoned All Parties Conference before the general elections, wherein all the political parties except PPP and MQM demanded that army officials should be deployed for the security on polling day.

Another JI’s candidate from FATA while recording his statement submitted that then Governor Shaukatullah was openly supporting his father in general elections.

He claimed that the caretaker governments were formed in federal and provincial level but the same is not happening in FATA, adding that political agents are the returning officers there. He said that Ammn Lashkar was given the responsibility of security polling stations on May 11, 2013.

Muhajir Qaumi Movement also produced two witnesses including Aftab Ahmed, central leader MQM and S M Tariq Qadri, former Provincial Election Commissioner, Sindh.

The hearing of the case was adjourned till Monday when the BNP-A and BNP-M witnesses would be cross-examined.