As an avid “curser” who is pretty active on the social media, I’ve been known to pepper my comments with a lot of four lettered words. Hell, if I can’t damned well stress my point by cussing, it feels to me that I haven’t really made my point at all. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not someone who cusses at people, or calls them names (despite wanting to, let me add), but in my opinion, if you can’t keep it informal on social media groups that encourage debates on “controversial” topics, or who encourage free speech, then where the hell else can you? At an official meeting with your boss? I damned well think not.

I understand that in a society where a woman has to talk in a certain way, it comes across as pretty crass when I totally break the supposed rules of conduct and thumb my nose at them by using THE four lettered word and the derivatives thereof. However, despite understanding that, I’m not going to damned well go around walking on eggshells and change my habits so that I don’t offend some random person’s sensibilities. Let’s not even go down the road of how the “enlightened men” of my culture decide to talk about women who they don’t agree with, or whose point of views are drastically different from those from the stone age that these men are lugging around, because hey, if you can’t call a woman “easy” (I would’ve used another word, but I think the censors will get it) because she won the Nobel Peace Prize when you feel like she shouldn’t have, you won’t feel like a man; isn’t EVERY woman other than those you’re related to totally easy for whatever reason that vacuum in your skull you call your brain comes up with?

I also get it that people are free to be “offended” by whatever the hell takes their fancy. If you want to be offended by someone disagreeing with your take on a damned television series plot twist, you’re free to do so… you’re a complete moron for doing so, but you’re free to be offended all the same. It is, after all, your own blood that you boil when you decide that you’re so important that everyone who doesn’t agree with you offends you and should be stopped by that reason alone; and it is you who appears to be a complete idiot when you demand that, so yeah.

But what really gets my goat is this: the same people who are “offended” by the use of cursing, are completely okay about someone saying, for example, child abuse is not that big of a deal. On what planet do these idiots live? You’re offended more by someone using inappropriate language, and that too when it’s not directed at you but is only used to stress some point, but you’re fine about someone saying that a woman was raped because of how she was dressed as long as they used “appropriate” language to get this reprehensible message across?

What sort of messed up priorities are these? What kind of people are we that we don’t care about the message itself but rather how it’s put? And, wait a minute, I’m not saying you should totally use such language at the UN General Assembly (even though I see no “offence” even then, but I get it, there’s a time and place for everything and more formal settings call out for more formal language and more formal tones of conversation), this is a damned SOCIAL MEDIA discussion, and that, too, on a page that’s set up for “open discussions about all topics”, because you, in your magnanimity, decided that you should give a platform to people who want to talk about crap that they can’t talk about in real life lest they be beheaded, but hey, please no “f” words because that’s JUST a no-no.

We’re a society that rallies together behind a woman who was given an opened can of coke, when she wanted to open it herself (the “entitlement” here is just too much, but it’s been talked about ad nauseum, so no use beating on a dead horse), because that is SUCH a huge injustice, and yet we completely rant against a girl who won the Nobel Peace Prize because “she brought a bad name to our country for being shot by the Taliban and then rescued and now doesn’t want to come back to Pakistan, never mind that she’s still in the Taliban hit list”. We are the type of people who think rape apologia is pretty much okay, as is corporal punishment. And we’re free to express that and we always use our “freedom of expression” when talking about how it’s okay to kill people for apostasy or for suspected blasphemy, but please… don’t use curse words because THAT is where we draw the line…. Get your priorities straight, people, because DAMN THAT ALL TO HELL!