Ramadan is always considered a month of blessing because of all the virtue propagated in this month. In this month every Muslim, who has enough funds, contributes in charity and donations to the less fortunate. Allah, the Glorified and Exalted, highly appreciates those who spend their money in charity and give alms. However, in Pakistan the practice of giving charity to the needy ones is not fulfilled the way it should be. This is because most of the people gives their funds to the NGOs and other organisations which is not bad, but sometimes the people who are more penurious will not avail this charity. 

Moreover, professional beggars are another leading issue of our society, and their ultimate aim is to collect the funds in the name of religion. In addition to that, the reaming people of our society give their charity to the private channels, who collects funds directly for the recipients. The important question is how will these funds reach the people who actually need them? Therefore, it is better to donate your charity in such a way that can bring change for the good and help the poor people to come out from poverty. As Pakistan suffers from very low literacy rate, why shouldn’t people of our society take an initiative to invest in this sector? Education in one such area where contribution can help to ensure that tomorrow there will be a better future. So this Ramadan, try to make channel your efforts in such a way that it can help the poor bring change in their lives. 


Islamabad, May 27.