MULTAN   -   Foreign Minister (FM) Shah Mehmood Qureshi has said that the fear of PTI and accountability has united PPP and PML-N as today the ideology, flag and interests of both the parties are the same.

Addressing the participants of an Eid Milan party here on Monday, he said that enemies just 10 months ago have been chumming up today for the sake of their interests. He said that the masses are well aware as to why ideology of both the parties has become the same. He said that the country could not function without strict accountability.

He was of the opinion that the problem in national economy did not take place in just 10 months rather the people who ruled Punjab for the last 10 years and Sindh 11 years are responsible for this mess.

He maintained that the rulers of Punjab and Sindh ruined national economy, emptied country’s kitty and filled up their personal accounts. He said that those talking to protest actually want to create hurdle in way of national economy and block foreign investment. “How on the earth opposition talks of economy. The figures are evident that when we came into government on August 20 how much Pakistan was under debt, what was the condition of foreign exchange reserves and how much trade deficit existed,” he maintained. He said that Pakistan is passing through very critical phase and faced with internal and external challenges. He said that the enemies of Pakistan are hatching conspiracies against us and efforts are being made to isolate Pakistan on international level. He said that terrorism grew up in border areas and APS tragedy united the country. He said that the civilians and security forces rendered tremendous sacrifices.

The FM pointed out that after 1971, India committed open aggression against Pakistan in February 2019 while the nation exhibited 1965-like passion. “The nation sent a clear message to India that if they looked towards Pakistan with a maligned eye, the results will not be good for them,” he warned. He said that the enemy also wanted to sneak into OIC but Pakistan’s representative sent a clear message that Pakistan would not attend OIC summit if India came to it. He said that India hatched conspiracies against Pakistan at all platforms and a conspiracy was currently underway to put Pakistan into blacklist from grey list under the pretext of money laundering.

He said that Indian aggression in Kashmir going on unchecked while the Muslims in India are being barred from offering prayers. He said that we raised Kashmir issue at international level. He claimed that the UN Human Rights Commission report on Kashmir endorsed Pakistan’s viewpoint. He added that the world had admitted that settlement of Kashmir issue is necessary for peace in South Asia. He said that today Kashmir has become an international issue.

He claimed that the PTI would show a new face of Pakistan to the people if it accomplished its five year term and its economic policies continued to move forward. He said that the time has come to fulfil all promises made with the people, adding that the PTI believes in practical steps instead of mere slogans. Qureshi declared that the South Punjab is our home and we would beautify it jointly.


The Park and Horticulture Authority (PHA) is devising a foolproof plan to ensure protection of saplings and flowers at green-belts across the city.

PHA Chairman Ejaz Hussain Janjua stated while chairing a meeting of the authority’s officers here on Monday. He pointed out that the rise in temperature has affected flowers and saplings at green-belts especially along Metro route.

He said that officials have been directed to pay special attention to saplings. He urged people to cooperate with the PHA officials to keep green-belts clean and beautiful. He asked them to avoid throwing garbage at green-belts.