TOBA TEK SINGH   -  Punjab Governor Ch Sarwar rejected an appeal of the chairman of Faisalabad Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education (BISE) against a decision of Punjab Ombudsman.

The Punjab ombudsman had directed the chairman not to decrease the rates of paper marking or other duties of teachers. It had also ordered the board to pay teachers against their services they rendered for annual matriculation examination of 2018 as it was fixed under circular No 10 issued by BISE on Nov 25, 2016.

A teacher of a Toba government school Zafar Asif had sent a complaint to the ombudsman against the chairman’s decision. He had taken the plea that when teachers performed duty for 2018 annual matriculation examination, the BISE was bound to pay them according to the notification of Nov 25, 2016. But, the BISE issued a new notification on Jul 29 just two days before the announcement of results of the examination under which the rates of services of teachers, which they had provided for 2018 annual matriculation examination, were decreased. In his appeal, the BISE chairman had argued that sections 29 and 31 of Punjab Boards of Intermediate and Secondary Education ACT 1976, imposed a bar of jurisdiction against its proceedings before a court.

While rejecting the appeal of Faisalabad BISE chairman, the governor said that both sections had no way limit of jurisdiction of Punjab office of ombudsman. It is to be noted that BISE chairman had taken the plea before ombudsman that rates were decreased under a decision of Punjab boards committee of chairmen, but the ombudsman rejected his plea and in his decision ombudsman had directed BISE chairman to make payment to teachers for their services during annual matriculation examination of 2018, under the rates fixed by the BISE, notified in circular No 10 of Nov 25, 2016.