Bertrand Russel famously said “The fact that an opinion has been widely held is no evidence whatever that it is not utterly absurd”.

Our clergy has a history of incitement of violence and it reached an unprecedented heightfive years ago when a sitting Governor of the largest province was gunned down in broad daylight by his own guard 'to protect the honor of Prophet (PBUH)'. Before we proceed I just want you all to listen to what Governor Taseer had said before his murder. 

It wasn’t just the murder of a man; it was murder of progressive thinking and intellectual debate in this country. Five years and we still see Asia Bibis - Rimsha Masihs around and nobody dares to talk anymore or maybe cares to talk anymore.

I do not blame Mumtaz Qadri, because it would be just like blaming Paul Tibbets for dropping the bomb on Hiroshima. It's the clergy that prepares the field, sows the seeds and cultivates the crops of such semi-literate myopic foot soldiers who happily take the job of being ‘saviors of honor’. It is extremely condescending to me as a Muslim when every cleric in every town of this country projects himself as the guardian of the honor of the Prophet (PBUH) and pretends as if it is left upon him and him only to guard it. The Ilm-Deen of our times became both the judge and the executioner in this case. He decided the case against Governor Taseer and then took it upon himself to carry out the sentence.

There is something we all need to understand. Every religion is blasphemous to other religions; it claims to supersede the teachings of the others. Every religious section holds some views and opinions that other sections consider blasphemous; it would be a whole new article if I start giving examples. If we start killing every person who holds an opposing view to our beliefs, there will be more blood in the streets than water in the oceans. And I fear that day my friends… I’m terrified.

I want to congratulate the clergy who have once again successfully quashed the debate for rights of minorities and misuse of blasphemy law in Pakistan. And in the process they have found a new hero who will ensure some fat paychecks for the time to come. Recently our local cleric delayed the Friday prayer for half an hour raising funds and making logistic arrangements for a bike rally to protest against the ‘judicial execution’. Who says there aren’t opportunities in Pakistan? You just need to have an eye for them and our clergy is divinely gifted in preying upon them.

Lastly I as a professional accountant offer my services free of charge to audit the money that was collected as Diyaa (blood money) to be paid to Taseer family in exchange for the release of Mumtaz Qadri. This audit might sound like a lot of work to you but I'm sure I won't miss a day from my current job because there is no paper trail whatsoever. Those who gave the money got sawab, those who received and spent the money got jazaa, as all of this was kar-e-khair.