LAHORE (APP) - Pakistan Electric Power Company (PEPCO) and Sindh government in collaboration with Engro Limited are initiating two coal power projects of 1000 MW each in Ther area. Briefing Media at Wapda House here Monday, the PEPCO Director General (Energy Management and Conservation) Engineer Muhammad Khalid said both the projects would be operational within next three year, while a hydel project of 960MW capacity at Neelum-Jelhum River would be completed in five years. The DG said that power generation has substantially improved with raising of water level in dams and supply of 183 mmcft additional gas, as agreed in the Energy Summit Islamabad, to thermal power plants in the country. The provision of adequate supply of gas also help reduced the PEPCOs cost of service on power generation, he said, adding, this financial relief would accordingly be given to electricity consumers in power bills under Fuel Adjustment Charges (FAC) this month. The PEPCO is passing the enhanced power generation benefits on to its consumers especially the domestic, he said, citing, the power distribution companies (Discos) expect the QESCO (Quetta), and KESC, which does not fall in PEPCO domain, had lifted load-shedding from 11:30pm (Sunday night) to 6:00am (Monday morning). During last 24 hour, the generation level scaled up to 12433MW against the demand of 14269MW, showing a steep decline in the shortfall figure from 3210MW last week to 1836MW at present, while the PEPCO exported 330MW in day time and 620MW at night to Karachi. Giving the power generation break-up, he said, hydel power plants produced 4422MW, thermal 2558MW, IPPs 5377MW and 76MW generated from Rental Power Plant Bhikki. To a question, he said, the electricity export from PEPCO to Karachi would be decreased at around 350MW in a few days, as KESCs Bin Qasim Power Plant has restarted generation, thus reducing its dependency on PEPCO.