KARACHI - The Azad Jammu & Kashmir government has proposed 45.7 per cent increase in ceiling for development projects in its all ministries and divisions for the budget 2010-11. This demand is in line with the financial agreement signed between the government of Pakistan and AJK government in 1992. The indicative budget ceiling for the upcoming budget of AJK is estimated at Rs25, 000 million comprising of Rs14, 000 million under ADP and Rs11, 000 million in terms of PSDP. This was stated by Sardar Farooq Ahmed Tahir, Minister for Information, Hydro Electric Board &IT AJK government in an exclusive talk to the news personnel here on Monday at Karachi Press Club. While talking to the media, he said that a priority committee in a meeting held on April, 15, 2010 presided by the Secretary KA&GB and ACS division demanded that the federal government must release a total maximum amount of Rs26,207.490 million, including Rs14,514.542 to AJK for its development related projects in the budget 2010-11 under ADP and Rs11,692.948 from Federal Public Sector Development Program. The federal government has proposed Rs14,000.000 million indicative budget ceiling for 2010-11 in which Rs7,502,000 million to be released in ADP and Rs6.498.000 has been be earmarked under the category of PSDP by the central government, said Farooq Ahmed, Minister Information, Hydro Electric Board , Government of Azad & Jammu Kashmir. He disclosed that the indicative budget ceiling for the coming fiscal year, which is calculated at 19 per cent less on original allocation of the ongoing financial year. He revealed that the federal government initially had announced Rs10,752.500 million in 2009-10 for AJK government under ADP that was revised to Rs7,130.000 million with 33.7 per cent reduction in the actual amount. He said the total size of the AJK budget has been reduced to 44.3 per cent. The actual amount for the budget 2009-10 was at Rs17,246.288 million but after revised by the government it is stood at Rs9.610.000 million.