QUETTA-The Balochistan Assembly (BA) on Monday approved the Balochistan Local Government Bill 2010 while a member of Opposition benc-hes, Pir Abdul Qadir Gilani staged a walkout after levelling serious allegations against Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani. BA met with Deputy Speaker Syed Matiullah Agha in the chair after break of two days. Local Bodies Minister, Abdul Khaliq Bashardost tabled Balochistan Local Government Bill 2010 in the House. Under the bill, Nazimeen and Naib Nazimeen will be replaced with Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen in District Councils and Mayors and Deputy Mayors in municipal corporations metropolitan cities. According to the Section 63 of the bill, the executive authority of the Local Council shall vest in and will be exercised by its Chairman and Mayor and all acts of a Local Council whether executive or not shall be expressed in the name of Local Council. According to the bill, decisions of the Local Council would be taken by simple majority of the members present through voting. Similarly, Section 130 of bill says: 'There shall be a Divisional Coordination Committee in every division which shall consist of the elected Mayor of metropolitan, Chairmen of District Councils, Chairmen of Municipal Corporations, Chairmen of Municipal Committees and heads of all nation-building departments of the provincial govt and Federal govt and collector of the district, besides one representative each from the special interest group, peasants, workers and women to be elected by elected members. Members of National and Provincial Assemblies elected from the division may attend meetings of the Divisional Coordination Committee as observers. The commissioner will be the Chairman of the Divisional Coordination Committee and the Deputy Director of the Local Government and Rural Development will be its ex-officio secretary. When the chair put the bill for vote the House adopted it unanimously. Talking on a point of order, Pir Abdul Qadir Gilani said that two days ago a vehicle having official number plate was given escort by Lasbela and Windhar police allegedly on the directives of Speaker Muhammad Aslam Bhootani that his guests were travelling to Karachi. He said that when the vehicle reached Hub, personnel of Frontier Corps and other govt agencies stopped the vehicle and carried out its search. At this, they recovered rocket launchers, explosives and other arms and later on all vehicles were impounded. Qadir Gilani said that Speaker had violated the dignity of the Assembly after protecting anti-social elements who perhaps were carrying arms for Taliban or other terrorist activities. He stressed that Speaker should give his explanation on this issue or govt should explain why official vehicles were being used for transporting illegal arms. Deputy Speaker asked Pir Abdul Qadir Gilani that either he should table a adjournment motion in the House or wait till Speaker Bhootani arrival so that he could explain his position. Some members of the House opposed the allegations against Speaker Bhootani that created rumpus in the House. However, later on, Pir Abdul Qadir Gilani staged a walkout from the House as a protest for not getting answer from the govt. On a point of order, Provincial Irrigation Minister Sardar Aslam Bizenjo said that despite lapse of 21 days the damaged electricity towers were not repaired by QESCO authorities due to which protests were being carried out across the province. He said that owing to long hours of loadshedding, the life had become completely paralysed, while agriculture sector had been destroyed in the province. Therefore, he demanded that Chief of QESCO should be summoned in the Assembly and should be asked why the damaged towers were not repaired despites QESCOs repeated assurances. The House also passed a unanimous resolution demanding of the provincial govt to approach Federal govt to give women workers the status of labourers and give them social, economical and legal protection under ILO convention. The joint resolution was moved by, Rahila Durrani, on behalf of women MPAs, Dr. Ruqia Hashimi, Gazala Golla, Shahida Rauf and Hassan Bano Rakhshani.