LAHORE-On the Times Square incident, American threats to Pakistan are not without meaning at a stage when US is feeling relapsed into 9/11 fears after nine years of its occurrence during which it remained in a constant war against terrorism. Various factors surround the incident but the government as usual, is not in a position to call to question veracity of US claims, despite the fact Pakistan is a directly affected party in this entire game at this point of time. Without mincing words, US authorities are pointing finger at Pakistan Tribal belt to inform the world that Pakistan has failed to control the elements therein as such they are serving as safe havens for the Taliban and al Qaeda operatives. The overt and covert understanding of American intentions this time around is, that focus of the war on terror would now not be on the nefarious elements in Afghanistan but Pakistan is very much likely to have arm twisting to locate and hit Taliban not only in Tribal belt but in Punjab also, the analysts say. They say unlike Mullah Umar govt in Afghanistan, America has not declared Pakistan a part of the terror plan of Times Square obviously to make our Armed Forces pit against Punjabi and Tribal Pakistan which jointly have been dubbed as Pakistani Taliban. And in turn to expose the people of Pakistan to more suicide bombings and terror attacks to make American claims of terror threats credible before the Americans who are footing the bill of this whole drive. Clearly, US wants expansion of war on terror into Punjab, particularly after our Armed Forces for the sake of concentrating on the ongoing operations and consolidating their position, had announced not to open any new front for a year. Pakistan security forces and the people gave tremendous sacrifices in the war on terror to achieve highly significant targets when America and NATO forces suffered much lesser, and also did not make any significant success in there areas. Foreign forces in Afghanistan mainly relied on drone attacks when Pakistan forces faced the evil doers on the ground and routed them. But they are not ready to admit their defeat and frustration. America acknowledges this fact but not up to that extent to let Pakistan call it a day but to keep it engaged with Taliban and extremists to let both sides bleed, and become weaker with the passage of time, they view. The incident of Times Squares, in experts views, called for a thorough investigation yet a haste has been exercised to tell the world that the accused of the bomb plant, Faisal Shahzad of Khyber Pakhtunkwhwa origin and the son of a former Air Force officer, has admitted the offence and challan of the case forwarded to the court of law for trial. Pakistan govt was not involved in the investigation nor were facts ascertained objectively in this much hyped incident in New York, though the officials of Pakistan have pledged full support and cooperation to the America to dig out the truth. For Pakistanis the matter has left out many doubts about its veracity as they want to look at the incident, not merely as a plan hit by extremists sitting thousands of miles away from America. And the same owned up by a person Hakeemullah sitting somewhere in the North Waziristan after he was declared dead some four months ago and harbours a strong hatred for Pakistan for its support to American war, now has made admission to implicate Pakistan in the incident as well as to show his existence with a bang to the world. The matter has also to be seen in perspective of Indias fury against Pakistan after it fell into US favour in the recent past on the war of terror. Analysts opine that American reaction and tone adopted after the incident and the charges of 'double cross on Pakistan reflect that America is on the way to treat Pakistan not as solution to the problem but as a part of the problem hence fulfilling a long desire of India, Israel and American itself to keep Pakistan as underdog and make its forces pushed into more ruthless and fierce attacks in South Waziristan and Punjab. They say this has infact also served the purpose of justifying to the American tax payers about spending of their money on a genuine threat without letting them look deep into the matter. To us, they say the major handicap is lack of equipment, instruments, resources, know-how and mechanism to judge as to how American agencies operate and what they have on the hold against us to fulfil their designs. Our constantly fragile economic condition is keeping us dependent on the donors, operating under the nose of America while a disorderly State and bad governance are another to keep us down in the dumps about any potential and due position being taken by our rulers against America to defend our case. For the powerful internal chaos, disturbance and a government, not attending to the public woes for it is itself indulging in corruption and malfeasance, produces ideal situation to make the country submit to its dictates. Observers say, when 9/11 took place, America saw through the value of a dictator in the office and forced it to do the same while the present, although democratic, is providing the very ground to let the powerful accept its wishes which this time around, would however, not be like the past as now Pakistan Taliban are the target. How much poised we are to counter this most serious and bigger challenge, may be assessed from attention of rulers, fully devoted to subdue the judiciary by defeating and frustrating implementation of its order to open cases against the corrupt elements. Whether the rulers would orientate their direction to the real issue is anybodys guess as so far they are girdling up their loin to deal with the judiciary thinking it the most dangerous element, the observers add.