BRIDGETOWN (Barbados) (AFP) Mahendra Singh Dhoni has dismissed suggestions that a lengthy Indian Premier League may have contributed to his sides weak performance in the World Twenty20. Chasing 170 to win from their 20 overs on Sunday, India were restricted to 155 for nine, and collapsed to the pace of West Indies on Sunday on a helpful Kensington Oval pitch. (People) can always come back and say we have played too much cricket in the IPL, but (we) have to do well in tournaments like these, said the Indian captain. The IPL is very different from international format. You have four foreigners. You dont have always the best bowling attack. You have to keep your side balanced. Most of the IPL sides have one bowler who bowls really good, really quick, but apart from that you try to target the weak links, thats what happens in IPL. But in international cricket, most of the sides have got at least three bowlers. You can maybe target one or at the most two (bowlers). I think the IPL is very different, so it would be unfair to compare IPL to international cricket. We are on the losing side and thats the fact right now. Dhoni emphasised that his sides preparation was adequate, but he acknowledged it was difficult to prepare for short-pitched bowling, which West Indies exploited to set up a 14-run victory.