ISLAMABAD - The Government may not procure more than six million tons wheat against its set target of 7.5 million tons, as the buying process is complicated and the farmers are forced to accept the price of the product prevailing in the open market. An official of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture said that the farmers were preferring to sell wheat in the open market due to complicated procedure. He said the current price of wheat in the market was ranging between Rs 850 to Rs 900. It is pertinent to mention here that Punjab Govt announced this year that it would procure 8 bags of wheat per acre from a farmer as per his wheat cultivation area. The said decision created complications for the farmers and they had to sell their remaining commodity in the open market and at the same time the availability of bags was also not an easy task. Last year, Punjab Government had abolished the condition of gunny bags for wheat procurement and had announced that the farmers were free to bring their product in any available bag and could take the price from the Government. That was the first time when the farmers remained safe from the exploitation of food inspectors. Because provision of gunny bags to farmers is a big tool with the food inspectors to exploit them. The sources in the Ministry informed that though the Govt had announced to procure 7.5m tons of wheat from the farmers at a price of Rs 950 per 40 kilogram but practically it was not possible as the Govt already has a reserve stock of 4m tons of wheat. The official also said that the present Govts policies might have been in place because of the fact that it did know that handling 11.5m tons of wheat would not be possible for it. The official added that due to Govts policies, the farmers are forced to sell their produce in the open market at a lesser price.