LAHORE Winger Kalimullah struck twice inside 30 minutes as Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) opened their mission in the 6th AFC Presidents Cup on Monday with 2-1 win over Nagacorp of Cambodia in Group-B clash at Aung San Stadium in Yangon. Kalimullah opened scoring in the 4th minute with low drive past keeper Mak Theara but the Cambodians came back five minutes later when striker Chin Chum left keeper Ghulam Nabi with fierce close-range drive. Kalim restored KRLs lead in the 30th minute. KRL led 2-1 at interval and there was no scoring in the second session. Coming matches: Group A (All matches at Bangabandhu National Stadium, Dhaka) May 12: Dordoi-Dynamo v Hasus NTCPE, Abahani Limited v New Road Team May 14: New Road Team v Dordoi-Dynamo, Hasus NTCPE v Abahani Limited May 16: Hasus NTCPE v New Road Team , Abahani Limited v Dordoi-Dynamo Group B May 12: KRL v Vakhsh Qurghonteppa (Aung San Stadium, Yangon) Renown Sports Club v Naga Corp (Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon) May 14: Vakhsh Qurghonteppa v Naga Corp (Thuwunna Stadium, Yangon), KRL v Renown Sports Club (Aung San Stadium, Yangon) May 13: Yadanabon v HTTU Asgabat Group C (All matches at Thuwunna Stadium Myanmar) May 11: Druk Star FC v Yadanabon May 13: Yadanabon v HTTU Asgabat.