ISLAMABAD - Following the motion tabled by Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira, the legislators in the National Assembly on Monday initiated a debate on the speech of President Asif Ali Zardari to the joint sitting of the Parliament. Initiating debate, Chief Whip of PML-Q, Riaz Hussain Prirzada appreciated the President for transferring powers to the Parliament and said that the President, in his speech to the Parliament, should have announced a full court judicial commission to curb terrorism and corruption from the country. He was of the view that some countries were backing the terrorists to have their solid control on other countries. Do these terrorists have their own explosive factories in the rocks? Definitely not, then who is providing all this to them. Governments are playing dual policies, Pirzada said. He said that the apex court took notice of every thing and it should also take a suo moto on terrorism in the country. Riaz said that the President, in his speech, did not talk about the water dispute with India. Talking about corruption, Chief Whip of PML-Q said there was no law against corruption and the bill was still pending in the committee. He said that the President should advise his party to form a judicial commission against corruption and terrorism. He said that the investigation reports on the assassinations of former president Zia and PM Benazir Bhutto should be made public. Leader of the Opposition Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, during his speech, criticised the Government for suspending the routine proceedings of the House for the debate. He said that the Question-Hour Session of the National Assembly was the only way available to the legislators to hold the Government accountable in the Parliament and it should not be suspended. If the proceedings of the House are suspended again today, the PML-N would not take part in it, Nisar warned. Talking about the Presidential address, the Opposition Leader said the President while ignoring the national language made his speech in English. He added that he should have addressed the Parliament in the national language. It was decided in 1973 that the Presidents address to the Parliament would be in Urdu. We protest against it and it should not be repeated, Nisar said. He said that the President, in his speech, had said that the 18th Amendment was the only Amendment, which was made in the last three decades but in 1997, PML-N also brought an amendment, which was also unanimously passed. Talking about the Nuclear Command Authority, Nisar said that the President was not willing to transfer this power to the Prime Minister and PML-N had been receiving messages through different channels but it did not accept and said that the powers of chairing the Authority should be given to the Prime Minister. Criticising the Government and especially Minister for Law and Justice over non-compliance of the SC verdict regarding NRO and Swiss cases, the Leader of Opposition said that the Law Minister was creating hurdles in the implementation of the courts verdict. The Law Ministers statement that the letter to be sent to Swiss authorities over my dead body, is condemnable and I think this was the reason for which President Zardari praised the Law Minister during his speech in the Parliament, the Opposition Leader added. He said that the Constitutional Reform Committee of the Parliament was quite doubtful about the role of Law Minister, as he never facilitated the Committee. The Law Minister even did not follow the rules of National Assembly. The Law Ministry is more active to protect corrupt people. It has not written a letter to the US for extradition of Hamesh Khan, Nisar Ali Khan said. He said that the Government believed in the statement of Swiss Attorney General and it should write a letter to him and he would reply in the same way, as he have stated. The President, in his speech, should have also told the House about the good news on Kashmir, which he was giving in a month, the 100 billion rupees of Friend of Democratic Pakistan and the killers of BB. The Opposition Leader said that the President talked about his policy of reconciliation. I ask, where this policy has gone when an emergency was imposed in Pujab, when the Government was creating hurdles in the reinstatement of judges, Nisar questioned. He said that the President talked about the sovereignty of the country but the drone attacks were still killing the people and damaging the sovereignty of the country. Before starting debate, the National Assembly also passed a Bill to establish Islamabad High Court. Minister for Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs, Dr Babar Awan introduced the Bill. He pointed out that the Bill was being introduced in line with the 18th Constitutional Amendment Bill and it should be taken into consideration at once. On its unanimous passage, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani congratulated the House and people of the area. He said establishment of the High Court in Islamabad would benefit twenty-five thousand lawyers and hundreds of thousands of people. The Prime Minister said the Islamabad High Court would have six judges including its chief justice.