ISLAMABAD (APP) - National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) Monday constituted a committee to implement 'Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 across the country. The'Implementation Watch Committee will facilitate, monitor and oversee the process as implementation of any law is extremely important to bring about a real change in the life. The objectives of implementation committee were to mobilise support from higher government offices to intervene and expedite the implementation process. The committee will ensure coordination between all stakeholders, donor partners, government organizations, private sector, civil society, working women and media, with the aim of collecting information and developing linkages. It will also oversee and monitor initiatives to ensure full compliance with Protection Against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act 2010 engaging with relevant government departments to oversee developing of rules for the Act and setting up of the office of ombudsperson. The committee will facilitate the active players and regulatory bodies to comply with the law and the term of the committee will be for two years. By the end of each year, it will report to the NCSW about its progress. The committee have members of the stakeholders including the government departments, civil society, private sector and media. Chairperson NCSW, Anis Haroon appointed Dr Fouzia Saeed as Chairperson of the committee while member included representatives of the Prime Ministers Secretariat, Ministry of Women Development, Establishment Division, Auditor General National commission on the Status of Women, Federal Board of Revenue and National Police Bureau. The members from civil society included I.A Rehman, Executive Director, Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), Mohammad Tehsin, Executive Director, South Asia Partnership Pakistan (SAP PK), Aqsa Khan, Director, Womens Organisation for Rights and Development (WORD), member AASHA, Mohammad Waseem, Executive Director, Interactive Resource Center (IRC), member AASHA, Maliha Husain, Programme Director, Mehergarh: A Centre for Learning, AASHA secretariat, Sajid Munir, head of Preview, member AASHA and Uzma Noorani, HR Activist from Karachi. The members from private sector, Jamil Yusouf (Sitara-i-Shujaat), Chairman, TPL Holdings (Pvt) Ex chairman, Citizen Police Liaison Committee, Asad Omer, CEO, Engro, Chairman, Pakistan Business Council, Chairman, Federation of Chamber of Commerce Development Donors, Saad Paracha, Asian Development Bank, Neva Humera Khan, Country Director, Oxfam and representative of UNIFEM. For implementation of the law, the members from media included Zaffar Abbas, Imran Aslam, Murtaza Solungi and Shahid Mehmood Nadeem. Representatives of the ministries and departments will be finalised by the relevant secretaries and the chair of this committee jointly. The logistical arrangements and the finances of the committee will be managed independently by the committee. The committee will meet at least once in three months and continue to connect with each other on a regular basis to achieve their objectives. NCSW has mandate to ensure implementation of laws and policies to eliminate discrimination against women and support womens human rights.