KARACHI The local and US security agencies working in tandem scoured the city to find a link of the Times Square incident with Pakistan but failed to find any connection of the botched bombing incident in New York with Pakistan or Karachi, TheNation has learnt. According to reports, various local and national security agencies had started probing any possible link of Times Square bombings prime suspect Faisal Shahzad with Pakistan, especially in Karachi, but they remained clueless about any such connect. Sources privy to the development told TheNation that a number of suspects affiliated with different religious outfits had been picked up from different areas of the city to find the link of allegedly plotter of Times Square in Karachi. It has been learnt that raids have been conducted in various areas of the city including Orangi Town, Mujahid Colony, Quaidabad, Sohrab Goth and various other localities and dozens of suspects on agencies watch lists were apprehended for questioning. The sources also disclosed that an Islamabad-based team of Special Investigation Group (SIG) of Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) led the search operation along with the US-based agencies. The detained suspects were being shifted to the safe houses of the agencies while many of them were released after questioning. A resident of Orangi Town whishing not to be named told that he along with his friend was picked up on Wednesday night from his home and was shifted to an unknown place. He said that they were blindfolded during the whole detention period while investigators asked about their link with worlds high suspect but released them when found no link with Faisal Shahzad. It is worth mentioning here that intelligence agencies have failed to find any tangible or credible information about the Faisal Shahzads connection in Karachi. The source privy to the matter told that we found nothing relevant with the terrorism but the information about his old residence has been sent to the high-ups. He pointed out that Faisal once got the passport issued from Karachi in 1995 when he was residing in a house located in Jinnah Cooperative Society situated at Tipu Sultan Road where he resided as a teenager. A local intelligence official wished not to be named told that from the day first of the arrest of Faisal, high-ups directed to ascertain the connection of the suspect with Karachi. He pointed out, We made thorough search of the whole area of North Nazimabad where family of Faisal Shahzads in-laws reportedly resided but couldnt find any relevant information. On Thursday we located a house owned by one Muhammad Ahmed, whose name is similar to that of the name of in-laws of Faisal. The house is located in block N of North Nazimabad. He said that Ahmed was a serving employee of a government hospital and had two daughters, Asma and Ayesha, and a son Usman. However Ahmed is not father-in-law of Faisal. The confusion, the source informed, arose because incidentally the name of father-in-law of Faisal is also Ahmed but due to mistaken identity, the security agencies wrongly came to the conclusion that Ahmed was the real father-in-law of Faisal Shahzad which was not correct. He said so far the agencies had not succeeded in locating the real residence of the in-laws of Faisal Shahzad but because of the confusion of the similarity of the name and the locality, the agencies thought that the house they had located was actuality the house of Faisal Shahzad, which was wrong. When contacted, Ahmed told TheNation that police and other agencies had frequently visited his house for questioning. Ahmed confirmed that his son-in-laws name was also Faisal and he was in America along with his wife. The agencies were confused in identifying their target due to similarity of names and also because of location of Batha Mosque which is said to be the seminary of Jaish-e-Muhammad in Buffer zone not very far away from the residence of Ahmed. And they felt that they had found the residence of Faisal Shahzad which was not correct. Tauqeer, a resident of the Buffer zone, when contacted said that heavy contingents of law enforcers were seen in the wee hours on Wednesday raiding at Batha Mosque. He said that it would be difficult to give the number of arrested persons from the seminary, saying that the mosque was a strong hold of defunct Jaish-e-Muhammad and raids were common for the seminary. It is pertinent to mention that the news reported by foreign media about the arrest of Tauseef and Rehan considered friends of Faisal Shahzad was not correct as these two were not arrested. Intelligence sources informed that they found three brothers including Rehan, Zeeshan and Adnan affiliated with Jaish-e-Muhammad and residing at a short distance away from Batha Mosque. Since the family of these three had shifted recently which created doubt that some agency had picked them up. Just because of the sudden disappearance of the family, investigators reported to the high-ups about the arrest of Rehan from his shop located in Alladin Park Market, Gulshan-e-Iqbal. The local media gave the name of Rehan after local agencies had confirmed his arrest but later same investigators succeeded to approach the family and found Rehan free. A source in Jaish-e-Muhammad while talking to TheNation told that a number of their workers had been picked up from across the country. He said that they made efforts on their own to find out connections of Faisal Shahzad in Karachi and Pakistan but couldnt find any clue about Faisals connection. He said that circumstances were more or less similar to the 9/11 attack when the Government of Pakistan was bowing down before the US pressure. He added that the whole matter seemed to be a planned conspiracy hatched by US to achieve their objectives. He further said that US-based agencies were looking the matter inside Pakistan, conducting raids, interrogating suspects and keeping them in illegal confinement without being charging any one of the arrested. He said that the families of suspects frequently visit offices of different police stations and concerned authorities to know the whereabouts of their relatives. Personnel of foreign security agencies are behaving as if they have the right to detain people without any legal authority.