KARACHI The residents of the coastal areas of the metropolitan have been suffering due to lack of public transport since several months as the transporters have decided not to operate their buses in various parts of Hawksbay area, The Nation has learnt. According to details, the people living in Kaka village, Younusabad, Shams Peer and other parts of Hawksbay have been deprived of public transport. The residents of the coastal areas are mostly associated with the fishing profession. It is pertinent to mention here that only mini buses used to run from Sandspit Road to new Sabzi Mandi via the said coastal areas. But after the dispute over paying 'Chungi tax on Manora Road around four months ago, since then the buses owners had decided not to operate their buses in such areas. Due to the decision, the residents of the coastal areas have been suffering and forced to pay extra charges to private transporters and those who couldnt afford have to walk several miles on foot. Meanwhile, the area people have contacted the Provincial Transport Minister Akhtar Jadoon several times to consider such problem even they sent several complaints in written but no action has been taken yet. The transport minister has been elected from the said area as member of Sindh Assembly but he did not take any initiative to address the problem. The residents of the coastal areas told The Nation that said areas have been the old vote bank of PPP but despite of electing the PPP-led government, the area people are still suffering. Earlier, the Minister of Transport Akhtar Jadoon, Rashid Rabbani, advisor for CM Sindh, Minister of Local Bodies Agha Siraj Durani and other government officials had visited the said areas. They had also assured the people of solving their problem but so far no action has been taken in this regard.