ISLAMABAD The Senators belonging to JUI-F staged a token walkout from the Upper House of the Parliament for initiating an operation in Kala Dhaka area of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa amid raising voices of Opposition to devise a one line policy for handling the issue of failed bomb attack in New Yorks Times Square. Maulana Gul Naseeb on a point of order informed the House that law enforcement agencies had imposed curfew for the last two days in Kala Dhaka in district Mansehra and were busy killing the innocent people after fastening their hands. The Government started operation despite the requests made by elders of the area through jirga for not starting operation, promising that the wanted culprits would soon be handed over to security agencies, he apprised the Chair. Senator Afrasyab Khattak, however, on behalf of the Government said that there was no military operation initiated in the area, adding that police and Frontier Corps were only conducting a search operation with the cooperation of elders of the area and no casualty occurred till yet. Senator Zafar Ali Shah of PML-N said that Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, had categorically threatened Pakistan and termed her statement a naked threat to country. He said that different spokespersons of the Government were handling the issue of failed bomb attack in New York and their statements were contradicting with each other, besides they were not following a proper policy line. He terming the foreign policy of the country as stinking criticised the remarks of Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi over the water shares of Pakistan. Salim Saifullah also viewed that Foreign Office should have a clear policy line on the issue of botched car bomb attack in New York, as Hillary Clinton was saying that Pakistan must have to face the consequences if any future attack. Minister for Defence Ahmed Mukhtar who was present in the House said that Government had decided that Foreign Minister would be the only focal person with the mandate to talk on the issue. He further said that they had one line policy on the failed bomb attack issue, adding that it was US authorities not Pakistan that were giving different viewpoints on the issue.