ISLAMABAD Expressing satisfaction over the easing down of power supply situation in the country, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani has reiterated his Governments resolve to mitigate loadshedding in the shortest possible time for the collective good of the masses. Welcoming the Chief Ministers, Federal Ministers, Advisors, Members of the Parliament and other participants in the Energy Review Meeting held at Prime Ministers Secretariat here on Monday afternoon, the PM commended support and constant follow-up by the Chief Ministers to implement the aggressive conservation measures taken at the Energy Summit to make this campaign a success. He particularly thanked Punjab Chief Minister Mian Shahbaz Sharif for assuming a leading role in this campaign in the province. In his opening statement, the Prime Minister said that the Government believed in interactive and collective wisdom of all stakeholders and was following the policy of mutual consultation and developing a consensus approach to address the national issues. He apprised the review meeting about the NEPRA decision of approving an upfront tariff of 9.28 Cents per unit for co-generation projects of the sugar industry. He further said that the sugar industry had indicated possible addition of 2000-3000 MW. He invited the sugar industry to come forward and upgrade its existing plants and make available maximum possible capacity to the national grid. The Prime Minister mentioned that the feedback, which he had received so far, indicated that unscheduled loadshedding was almost eliminated. He further said that there was also some relief to the consumers in the scheduled loadshedding as well. The Prime Minister reiterated that industry and agriculture would remain first priority of his Government. He also apprised the meeting that loadshedding schedules where necessary were being enforced in consultation with the representatives of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry. The Prime Minister said it was the first time ever that the energy conservation efforts had been undertaken by the Government in a systematic and well coordinated way. He further said that energy conservation was a continuous and ongoing activity. While we might have achieved some measures of success, he added, there is still much to do, to get the nation out of the clutches of loadshedding. He observed that a very sustained and patient effort is required by all segments of the society. The Prime Minister pointed out gaps in implementation in some areas. He mentioned that markets and shopping centres in many cities remained open after 08:00 p.m. Similarly, notified timings for Marriage Halls were also not being enforced completely, he added. He warned that any slackness on full enforcement of these measures would very quickly erode the gains that had so far been achieved. The Prime Minister urged the Ministry of Water & Power, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Resources and all Provincial Governments to keep this effort in the forefoot. He stressed for short, medium and long terms measures, as decided in the Summit, to be pursued vigorously so that considerable capacity additions were brought on the system within the shortest possible time. Concluding his statement, the Prime Minister asked the Provincial Governments to redouble their efforts for full implementation of the decisions of the Energy Summit. He said that he would hold similar meetings in all the provinces shortly and see tangible results being achieved. He also appealed to businessmen, traders and other segments of the society to come forward and extend their support for the conservation measures in the greater interest of the nation.