KARACHI (Online) Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has taken a U-turn over its earlier announcement to restore Hyderabad districts old status after the plan met a strong resistance from Muttahida Qaumi Movement, Governments key ally in Islamabad and Sindh. PPP has also accepted demand of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) not to restore Hyderabad districts old status. PPP has also assured MQM leadership that no decision would be taken without taking them into confidence. In order to settle down differences, meeting of core committee between the PPP and MQM would be held within next two days. Senior leaders of PPP are in touch with MQM central leaders to break the ice after Prime Minister Syed Raza Gilani announced his Governments plan to restore the past status of Hyderabad, and declared the division of the district by past regime as a flawed decision. The announcement met a strong and immediate reaction from MQM whose chief Altaf Hussain termed the plan an attempt to disrupt reconciliatory environment and coalition setup in Sindh. Final decision to restore Hyderabad districts old status would be taken after consultation between both parties at a meeting of core committee, sources informed Online. MQM is also keen to restore its Nazim in Karachi and Hyderabad therefore it is expressing concern over restoration of Hyderabad districts old status. On the other hand, PPP is also facing resistance internally over his retraction from its earlier announcement of restoring Hyderabad districts old status.