ISLAMABAD Any trail of the unnerving role of omnipotent intelligence agencies of super powers only leaves one flabbergasted with nerve wrecking recalls of colonial era when the execution of 'slaves by their masters would not seek a reason. As threats have started to be administered at Pakistan, by the all powerful American camp, a further probe into the evil role of US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and British MI 6, now known as Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), quite aptly relates to determine the 'hidden hands behind the creation of 'moderate terrorists like Faisal Shehzad. Amid scores of people who are nabbed by these intelligence agencies, remain 'in hide and completely detached from the rest of the world for unknown reasons. There lives a respectable Pakistani family in the heart of London that became the direct victim of the highhandedness of British intelligence agencies some four years ago. Back in 2006, the UK-based son of a renowned business was picked up from London by the British intelligence agencies for interrogation. The victim, a UK national originally hailing from Pakistan, was kept in illegal custody for two months with his family kept away from even a shred of clue about his whereabouts and living conditions. The worried family kept on advertising in newspapers about their missing member but to no avail. It was only after two months, after the intelligence crooks were kind enough to release the 'suspect that his family learnt about this strange kind of interrogation process that is usually followed in less developed countries like Pakistan. The accused was reportedly questioned about his fictitious links with Al-Qaeda and other militant organisations. Having failed to establish any link, intelligence gurus finally set him free on the condition that he would remain tight-lipped about the issue. After a years gap, the anxious British officials, once again, nabbed their old 'friend to extract some crispy details about militants against lucrative financial deals. The scared family believes that British MI 6 and US FBI were involved in the detention. The poor victim, who was working on a respectable post in a reputed company in London, had to lose his job as result of his stealthy abductions leading to his prolonged absence from job. It is also learnt that there are dozens of such families in Britain and US, who have no links with any militant elements, but were victimised out of sheer 'efficiency of intelligence crooks. One similar kind of incident about two brothers studying in a US University has already been reported in this newspaper sometime back. From the repentant confessions of former CIA spies like John Kiriakou, Art Keller, Robert Baer and Rich Barlow to the investigative works of well-famed journalists like Derek Henry Flood revealed that the FBI and CIA had always acted as a law unto themselves. John Kiriakou has written a book The Reluctant Spy about CIAs influence in Pakistan. Derek Henry Flood, an American journalist, had to bear the brunt of FBIs annoyance by facing irksome detentions and interrogations for filing investigative stories about FBI, while Robert Baer, Rich Barlow and Art Keller had exposed CIAs dubious role in Afghanistan. The US created terrorists like Naseem Khan, Ahmed Gul, Shahid Hussain, or Faisal Shehzad, whom US now uses as scapegoats to threaten Pakistans sovereignty, are the pure 'indigenous products of FBI and CIA serving their monstrous agendas to weaken Pakistan.