Politics is and will always remain a dirty game and people who play with fire will get burnt, but there is an elusive character among our politicians who is ‘A Maulana For All Seasons,’ as he is the friend of every government, it is the famous Maulana Fazalur Rehman. During Musharraf era, the JUI(F) made an alliance with some religious parties to form the MMA, the main beneficiary was this Maulana, as his party nominee was given the coveted post of CM of NWFP (Now KP). He has enjoyed perks and privileges from both sides i.e. the government and the opposition. What’s more ironic is the fact that he was made leader of the opposition in the National Assembly. Therefore he became a chronic critic of the government, the very government which helped his party gain power in the first place.

In 2008, after the disbandment of MMA, the JUI(F) contested the elections and managed a respectable position. He immediately joined the government, and was made Chairman of the ‘Kashmir Committee’, in addition to some of the other important official positions bestowed by the government on his party members, including the Chairmanship of the ‘Council of Islamic Ideology, while the Tourism Ministry was lavished on his brother.

The situation in Balochistan was even more comical as Maulana ‘voluntarily’ left the Balochistan government, after the expiration of Governor’s Rule. After enjoying full power, this infamous Maulana left the government at a time when it had haplessly failed in carrying out its fundamental duty of protecting the lives of every citizen. As members of the Treasury, the JUI(F) was equally responsible for the carnage in Balochistan over the past five years.

The JUI(F) party manifesto is unclear to say the least, absolving the Tehrek-e-Taliban Pakistan of any crime, putting the entire blame of the deteriorating law and order condition on a ‘foreign agenda’. He highlights the importance of ‘dialogue’ and ‘reconciliation’ as opposed to military action, but he knows better than anybody else that the process of negotiations and dialogue has failed many times in the past and is unlikely to solve issues. How does he want to talk to someone who is not willing to accept the constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Maulana’s recent rage over the Election Commission declaration of banning the use of religion in any campaign, was loud and clear, as his is a religious outfit what would he have sold to his voters? It is a suggestion that he should not participate in the next elections as the last five years saw very little of the ‘Islamic Revolution’ that he promised in his party manifesto. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely! There are some serious allegations on him from the Musharraf era and he is losing support even amongst the religious parties. If he wants to contest then he must be clear in his manifesto.


May 7.