WALES DS - A cinema in Wales is handing out free life insurance to those scared of watching horror movie Evil Dead.

The remake of the cult classic comes with the tagline, “the most terrifying film you will ever experience”. Jamie Hughes, deputy manager of the Gwyn Hall cinema in Neath, said: “Because of [the tagline] we are offering all our customers a free Scare Care policy.”

Moviegoers will receive a golden insurance certificate which will help with the costs of a funeral if anyone happens to die of fear, reports This Is South Wales.

“We will pay their funeral costs - up to the value of their cinema ticket,” Hughes explained. “Obviously it’s a bit of fun, [but it’s also] some added value because they would not get this in any other cinema.”

The film starring Suburgatory star Jane Levy follows a group of friends who head to a remote cabin in the middle of the woods, only to be stalked by demonic forces.