Looking back at the last 10 years, terrorism has increased manifold. The recent increase in these bomb blasts indicates that hidden hands are fighting a covert war not only to defeat us psychologically but also to break the backbone of our economy through subsequent calls for strikes and days of mourning which effectively shut down all economic activity in the affected cities and towns. Following a bomb blast at a political gathering in Karachi the other day, just like thousands of other countrymen, I too was shocked and dismayed, deliberating on how we could defeat terrorism – or whether we would ever be able to rise again from these back-breaking strikes.

It was in that moment that I realized how much air time is being dedicated to the terrorism related news. I thought media may have been aiding and encouraging the terrorists, albeit unwittingly. Every terrorist activity is given prominent coverage, with excited and thrilled anchors and reporters on the site, giving gruesome details whereas the cameramen leaves nothing to the imagination, that plunges us deeper into agony and depression (reference to a little boy slapping himself in utter rage and helplessness after a blast). Maybe in our ignorance we are glorifying these terrorists, and somehow encourage them to go for another strike or a bigger magnitude? We need to ask ourselves this question.

Is it not possible for the media fraternity to come together and decide amongst themselves on a new behavior to discourage this propaganda? Maybe if our media focused more on the humane side of the story, we would become a nation with empathy and sympathy for the targets, we need to have more awareness programs and let the people know that there is no tenet of Islam that allows such behavior and declare them out of Islam, once this ‘fathwa’ is given we may see a decrease in terrorist acts or know clearly that they are not Muslims!


Lahore, April 30.