Khan Research Laboratories (KRL) Football Club inflicted a 2-0 defeat on host country Global FC in the AFC President’s Cup group B match played on Friday.

Talking to The Nation from Philippine, KRL manager media Ali Zaidi said: “Mahmood Khan scored the first goal for the winners in the first half and Adil scored the second goal in the second half which made victory possible and now KRL have very bright chances of qualifying for the final round which will be played in September.”

Despite defensive approach, KRL’s still managed to score one more goal through the efforts of Adil on the 75th that put Global FC into a must-win situation against Dordoi Bishkek today (Saturday).

Two-time champions Dordoi Bishkek now take the lead in the 2013 AFC President’s Cup group B, while the Global FC have been relegated to the third spot.

Dordoi now stand with four points and nine goal difference following a 9-0 victory over the young Yeedzin squad in the opener while KRL won against host Philippines’ Global FC 2-0 that placed them at second.