Permanent Pakistani Representative to United Nations (UN) Masood Khan, Saturday, said that Pakistan had made considerable progress to counter terrorist financing and border control.

“We have deployed 150,000 troops on Pak-Afghan border and have set up 822 posts to interdict Al-Qaida/Taliban members” he said at the Open Meeting of the Security Council on Joint Briefing by the Chairmen of the Al-Qaida Sanctions Committee, CTC and the 1540 Committee.

“Pakistan’s comprehensive approach to counter- terrorism is based on Three D’s: deterrence, development and dialogue”, he added.

Ambassador Khan said that terrorism continues to mutate into new and more sinister forms as the terrorists use new information and communication technologies and the Internet for recruitment and incitement as well as for planning and financing their activities.

He emphasized that root causes of terrorism should be addressed; deprivation, marginalization, exclusion, and stereotyping often create conditions for a drift to terrorism. This drift should be stemmed, he added.

He said that our collective and national measures to counter all forms of financing of terrorism, including through the proceeds of organized crime and illicit narcotics, should be made more effective.

Ambassador Khan said that Pakistan agree with the Al Qaida Committee Chairman that Al Qaida still poses a serious threat to international peace and security. The experiment of focusing the 1989 Committee’s work on Africa is timely, he added.

Ambassador Masood Khan expressed Pakistan’s support to the Counter Terrorism Committee’s efforts for building capacities of States to implement Security Council resolutions 1373 and 1624 and the usefulness of the UN Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate’s (CTED) seminars on specific themes in various regions. He informed the meeting that Pakistan was planning to hold a regional workshop on counter-terrorism in Islamabad for police officers, prosecutors and judges in South Asia in the near future.

Pakistan, he said that has become a party to the UN Convention for the Suppression of the Financing of Terrorism and has enacted a landmark Anti Money Laundering Law; a Financial Monitoring Unit has been established in the State Bank of Pakistan to track suspicious financial transactions and hundreds of bank accounts have been frozen. Pakistan was implementing the recommendations of the Financial Action Task Force, he added. He informed that Pakistan was also an active member of the Asia Pacific Group on Money Laundering.