Lahore Waste Management Company has made extra arrangements to keep city clean and waste free before, during and even after the electoral process.

The LWMC has issued ‘Election Action Plan’ with strict monitoring measures and warnings of compliance from all operational staff. The company offices will remain open monitoring operational work throughout the city. On Friday, the surrounding areas of all major polling stations were cleaned by the officials of LWMC. The 11,000 workers are deputed to carry out their respective duties in 2 shifts. The operation timings on 11th May will be from 7 am to 6 pm. Company’s waste bins and containers will be taken care of specially and lifting of containers and emptying them as soon as these are filled will remain the top priority today. Earlier on Friday, May 10, 2013 Manager Operations visited all major polling stations sites and ensured cleanliness arrangement even before polling sets in. At each polling station, LWMC is deploying its staff, providing waste bags and wheelie bins so that the waste generated during polling is taken care of in time and properly. The helpline 1139 is directed to remain active and response time for each waste related complaint has been reduced to 2 hours. Further, the polling stations will be marked with limestone after the cleaning operation in morning. After 6 pm, LWMC sanitary staff will once again carry out cleaning activity to keep city waste free even after elections.  

To strengthen the operations on Elections, the communication teams will be in field as well for spreading the word of cleanliness. Masses will be sensitized on keeping clean during the vote casting process. The teams will be briefing voters, people on various parties’ political camps on bagging the waste generated during the day and disposing it in bins instead of throwing it carelessly and to the already tough task of cleanliness maintenance on this important occasion. For this purpose too, teams will be visiting Metro Bus Tracks, various signals and polling camps. Manager Communication Memoona Arslan has made appeal for co operation from all corners of society in order to make cleaning arrangements sustainable.