Arguing that sending billions of taxpayer dollars overseas to hostile countries is "unconscionable", a US lawmaker has introduced a resolution in the House of Representatives to limit American aid to Pakistan and four other countries.

The other four countries are Iran, North Korea, Syria and Egypt.

Introduced by Congressman Paul A Gosar, the Foreign Assistance Under Limitation and Transparency Act or the FAULT Act, calls for limiting foreign aid to five countries that undermine US foreign policy objectives - Iran, North Korea, Syria, Egypt, and Pakistan.

"Sending billions of taxpayer dollars overseas to hostile countries is unconscionable. Yet, the Washington DC does it make sense to pay other governments to undermine our foreign policy objectives," Gosar said in a statement here.

"When countries like Pakistan, Iran, North Korea, Syria and Egypt act like enemies rather than friends toward the United States and our allies, the time to cut them off from US taxpayer dollars is now," the Congressman from Arizona said.

Gosar had previously introduced amendments to the last two Department of Defence Appropriations Acts that sought to ensure that foreign aid was not given to hostile international regimes and organisations.

He has introduced the FAULT Act as stand-alone legislation in the hope to expand upon these principles and codify them into law, the statement said.