One of the most impressive Doctors of the world, Dr. Seuss, once said;

You have brains in your head.

You have feet in your shoes

You can steer yourself

any direction you choose.

You're on your own.  And you know what you know.

And you are the guy who'll decide where to go.


Well he was right, wasn’t he? To carry any day, all you need is the right brain and right shoes. Marilyn Monroe claimed that a girl with the right shoes can conquer the world. This is true about men too. Whether you wanna look macho or you wanna stay feminine, the shoes will help a lot to brush your look. From casual to formal, the footwear work a great deal to make the statement. More so, be it Cinderella or the Persian soldiers, shoes had imperative part to play in many happy endings. The modern shoe industry knows all this too well and is ready to cash it well.

With satellite channels, imported movies, social media and virtual shopping centre, Pakistani fashion has gone global. The fact is that the oriental flavor in our clothing is never going to go away completely but shoe industry is not really bifurcated in eastern and western wear. So the trends of shoes flow smoothly around the world.

In Her Shoes

Walk a mile in her shoes, and you will see that modern woman is expected to hold up at many fronts. She is expected to charm by looks and stun by brains. They are expected to do many chores which were once seen as masculine, they are also supposed to cast their ladylike spells as well. No wonder, while the sociologists, psychologists and analyst worry themselves with debate, “What a woman wants,” a lady knows the answer. All a woman wants is shoes, shoes and more shoes, for she wanna be stylish and she wanna be comfortable.

In modern world, women are not the only ones who are expected to do more and do better. As the women’s roles have evolved, so have the shoe and clothing industries to keep up with the exhausting demands of a woman’s daily life.

Here are the riding shoe trends for this summer.

Reigning the Realm of Heels

Trends come and go but few are there to stay. Stilettos are one of those which stay en vogue no matter whatever the design philosophy of the day is. By letting women stand a little taller they are the ultimate charm. The fashion may alter the stuff of which they are made but their shape is universally celebrated and embraced phenomenon.

High without Strain

No doubt stilettos are classy but heels of all kinds are flattering, be they wedge or platform or kitten. They always appear like healing a woman’s self-pride. Heels always stay in fashion but they are trending more than ever this summer. With white and earthly tones one can always go for classy Kitten Heel Peep Toe or T-Strap Peep Toe too. The lots of colors used in summer clothes collection definitely call for funky heels. The good news is that owing to rising competition in the shoe market, shoe makers are working to not only make their heels attractive but also to keep them comfy

Color it Funk

Gone are the days when black and brown and cream and white were the most sought after colors in the shoes. Though the classic colors still stay unbeatable, but all the shades of orange, yellow, pink, green and blue are equally charming the shelves of the shoe stores and wardrobes of the women. These colors are being used in combinations as well.

Pop it up

Pop is the most celebrated feature of the modern culture. Not only music and literature have gone pop but clothes and shoes too use colors, cuts and designs to celebrate the popular culture. Currently a new trend having yellow, pink, blue, red and green colors along with newspaper printing or Marilyn Monroe pictures are very much in. Slightly weird as they may seem, they definitely are irresistible.

Flattering Flats

The heels are attractive, but they definitely are not everybody’s cup of tea! Don’t worry if you too don’t find them comfy for the flats too are flattering. Many of them will definitely make you reach to your wallet when you see them staring you through store shelves.

Strap it on

Sandals are the summer’s specialty. The sandals in soft and classic colors are trending at the moment. The mono color sandals are embellished with multiple straps and in some cases the golden stones. They make the wearers look chic and elegant.

Trendy Traditional Wear

Shoes with Balochi embroidery and tillay walay khussay and chappals look modish especially in summer. Available at stalls in the market, they cost less while they add far more grace to the wardrobe.

Blistering Beads

The footwear with beads, chains and stones are perfect for parties. They can be worn with plain dresses as well as embellished one. In both cases they give perfectly formal look to the person.

On the Run

Have a tiring day ahead? Why not go for Mary Jane shoes, ballet shoes and espadrilles. To give them a touch of summer, the shoe designers have them made in peep toe style with all the colors that can be thought of. Flip-flops and sneakers too can help you beat the heat of a work day.

On His Footsteps

If you think fashion is for women, think again, for it has never catered women alone and it never will. The current fashion trends bear testimony to it. The suits are designed for men with neon colors and flamboyant cuts. The shoes have become trendy too with prints and colors which are striking and new.

Though heels for men are not common now a days but legend has it that they were first designed for men especially Persian horse-riders to give them grip on horses in the battlefield. The brave Persians conquered the world and their uniforms conquered fashion of the Europe. French noblemen started wearing heels but as the monarchy came down so did the love for uneasy high-heels in men’s world. The women however, tamed themselves to wear heels in an effort to look more graceful and somewhat taller.

Heels may be a far cry for men now but the colorful shoes are en vogue.

Classically Macho

What stiletto are for women, oxford, monkstrap, boots and loafers are to men. They are not classy but they still are trendy and are widely carried. Made in fine leather and worn with right attitude, they are perfect attire for men of all ages. The sneakers, camp mocs and penny loafers are a must for every man’s wardrobe.

Funk Punk

Designer wear are trending, so are the peculiarities in dressing. From red to golden, the labels are experimenting with all the colors. They are using different shapes to make it look hot.

Trending Traditions

Just recently there was hue and cry about a foreign designer copying Pishawari chappal. These chappals, traditional sandals, Khusas and sandals with embroidery add perfect look to traditional shalwar qamees and kurta shalwar.

Add Ons

They say beauty lies in detail and finesse. It’s right! This is why buying clothes and complementing them, with shoes isn’t enough.

Lip Colors

For all those women of my generation who only saw their moms put on bright lip-colors and dared not pick these colors for themselves, here is the good news for you: bright colors and especially blood red are in vogue. So go ahead and put it on.

Nail Colors

2014 is all about colors. Pop art is in and dark lip sticks are on! And too add to it funk nail colors with as striking tones as green, yellow and blue are in. Glittering golden as was worn by Kesha in Tic Toc is definitely a must-have for all the ladies who love to look trendy. You can occasionally go for nail art too. 

Make Over Eyes

Mascara and eye-shades never go out of fashion and dark eye-colors, well they are in. but many say, if you make eyes dark go for neutral shades of lip colors and vice versa.


Rightly chosen shades are must for casting charm and appearing fashionable this summer. Don’t go out with them.


Small studs, light necklaces are best casual wears. Thanks to women like Hina Rabbani Khar, the pearls are worn with ladylike pride. Funky bracelets are best for college girls and light ones for working women. Bangles can be worn in parties.


Belts especially leather belts are imperative for men’s wear. Currently they are in vogue for women too. Adding sleekness to look, they make women look funkier.


Watches are timeless! No matter how many times you take out your mobile to watch time, watch has its charisma which never is going to age.