KARACHI - The civil society on Tuesday demanded the Supreme Court of Pakistan to take suo motu notice of the killing of renowned social activist Nisar Baloch who was struggling against the occupation of the amenity land of Gatter Bagicha located in Site Town by land mafia. The leaders of Baloch nationalist party, representatives of civil society and a large number of the residents of old Golimar staged a protest against the killing of renowned social leader Nisar Baloch in front of Karachi Press Club. They demanded the arrest of the murderers of Nisar Baloch who were busy in grabbing the valuable land of Gatter Baghicha. On the occasion, they vowed to foil the conspiracy of land mafia against the rights of the settlers of the City. Prominent among the protestors were: Comrade Abdusalam, Naisr Mansoor, Mazhar Ajjan, Jabbar Khazkheli, Azra Parveen, Akram Baloch, Maqbool Janecho, Sajjad Zaheer, Shehla Rizwan and Gul Akbar. The participants were holding banners and placards and were chanting slogans against the ruling parties. They demanded the arrest of the culprits involved in the murder and exemplary punishment to them. They also urged the government to release all the Baloch nationalist workers booked for criticising the policies of the government. They expressed their concern over the killing of Baloch youth in the metropolis, alleging that an ethnic party of the City was behind the murder of Nisar Baloch. The protestors alleged that some black sheep in the government had been conspiring to occupy the valuable lands in the City. Thats why they have removed Nasir from their way and any one dare to go against them or stand in their way they kill him, they pointed out, adding that old Goths and areas were being targeted in this regard. They said that they would continue the struggle against all these elements irrespective of the consequences. The protesters sympathised with the old settlers and assured them of all support for their rights. Later, they announced that they would not let the torch lit by Nisar Baloch dead. They also announced launching a new social movement called Trans Lyari Bachayo Thereek to work for the cause for which Nisar Baloch had sacrificed his life.