LAHORE - Panic Tuesday gripped the City especially police personnel deployed outside the Capital City Police Office and general public when a gas cylinder exploded with bang near CCPO office following the deadliest suicide attack at Charsadda Bazaar on Tuesday evening. Police officers along with the citizens were frightened when a gas cylinder blasted due to a technical fault, creating enormous fear among the police personnel who were discharging their duties at different police pickets in surrounding areas of the CCPO office. Moreover the traffic flow from Mozang Chowk to Queens Road, Regal Chowk to Lawrence Road, Regal to Safanwala Chowk and from Safanwala Chowk to Sir Ganga Ram Hospital also suspended at least for half an hour soon after the terror created in the wake of the gas cylinder-blast. A paramedical staffer of Sir Ganga Ram Hospital said that after the blast the hospital administration got alert to receive injured people as usually it happened after any suicidal attack. A police official seeking anonymity said that the blast created enormous horror among the police officers who were scared after listening the frightening noise of the blast, which ultimately proved to be a hoax. He said a large number of officers and other people vacated their offices and shops to run to safer places. I closed my shop and ran away to save myself, a mechanic commented after the cylinder-blast. People were already scared owing to the terror attacks at Charsadda Bazaar in which dozens of innocents people were killed. Thats why people became nervous and started running, he added. The public has become nervous now. Every citizen is seems disturb, a passerby added his comments. A bank official talking to the scribe disclosed that all the banks situated in and around the blast area were closed down. All the bank officers came out from the banks immediately after the blast, he added. A 3-year-old child Faizan uttered that he thought at least 10 people would die in this bomb-blast, which, later, proved to be a gas-cylinder bang. While his mother, Tayyaba Yasmeen said that the prevalent turbulent atmosphere has psychologically distorted the children as it can be imagined from Faizans comments. She further said instead of foiling the nefarious designs of the terrorists, government was closing down the schools, colleges and universities. Are the authorities concerned not interested to comprehend the situation that the closure of the educational institutions was likely to encourage the terrorists, she questioned. It is worth mentioning that there have been a series of deadliest terrorist attacks in Pakistan over the last few years. In other words, it may be stated that a string of attacks have rocked Lahore, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Peshawar and Swat since Oct 5, killing more than 250 people. Terrorists hit Pakistan when almost 10 terrorists attacked City simultaneously at the police headquarter, Elite force training centre and regional Headquarters of the FIA on October 15. At least 20 people including 10 terrorists were killed in these attacks. The things were yet to be settled in City when another suicide attack hit Lahore near Babu Sabu Interchange in Sherakot police precincts here on November 2, in which three people including a police officer were killed and 25 others sustained sever injuries in car bomb blast.