ISLAMABAD A spokesman of the Islamabad Police has issued following denial to TheNations story titled Fake encounter to save IGP? It is incorrect that police had arrested the person few days ago. There is no pressure on any police officer to formulate any script to uphold these appointments or image. No conspiracy has been hatched whatsoever. Live courage has shown from the scene of crime that it took about more than one hour to defuse around 8-1/2 kg explosives attach to detonators/stainless steel bearing. In fact, the brave police officers on duty without caring for their lives daringly challenged the suicide bomber and killed him on the spot before he could trigger explosives. Such unfair criticism would only demoralise the force and the protectors of the city would think several times before reacting to any such threat in future, which will only but jeopardise the security of Islamabad. It is requested that more empathy may be accorded to the brave policemen who performed their duty risking their lives. Standing by the story Our Staff Reporter adds: In the first place this is to clarify that there was nothing personal or biased against the IGP as the information was gathered from multiple as well as reliable sources both within and outside the Islamabad Police. This scribe in addition to our crime reporter was assigned by the Editor to do in-depth follow-up of the encounter in the capital late Sunday evening. Before moving on to the follow-up information about the story, it would be interesting to have a closer look at the denial issued by the Islamabad Police. Rather than giving details supporting the proclaimed encounter, the spokesman of the Police has resorted to condemn the report. The police in the above rebuttal has also given a between the line threat that such reports would demoralise the protectors of the city. The haste with which the police buried the person killed as an alleged terrorist itself raises a number of suspicions as the body parts of previous bombers are still preserved in the mortuary of PIMS. It is however thought provoking that the administration at the PIMS is fed up of preserving the body parts of the suicide bombers, while the police appeared to be in a hurry to burry this one. As regards the claim of live coverage of the incident, it is important to note here that no video footage showing the details of the actual encounter was available with any of the media. Contrary to the usual techniques and practices adopted by the suicide bombers across the country as observed by the law enforcement agencies, the alleged suicide bomber strangely raised the slogan of Allah-o-Akbar 25 feet away from the police picket, his supposed target. Therefore, this unusual, according to security experts, behaviour of the alleged terrorist as reported by the police makes the entire incident as a bizarre episode raising several questions. The IGPs own somersaults in his statements lessened the credibility of polices claim. Firstly, IGP had claimed that a police sharpshooter at the picket killed the alleged suicide bomber, later on he twisted his statement by correcting himself that it was the ordinary police staff deployed at picket.