KARACHI - The Sindh government has given approval for the construction of development schemes in Lyari and other towns of the City involving millions of rupees for current fiscal year 2009-10. According to officials, a scheme of construction and rehabilitation of Shahrah-e-Noorjahan from Abdullah College to Qalanderia Chowk, North Nazimabad with estimated cost of Rs314.680 million has also been approved by Provincial Development Working Party of Sindh government. The scheme envisages construction and rehabilitation of 5km of Shahrah-e-Noorjehan Road from Abdullah College to Qalandaria Chowk, North Nazimabad along with drainage system. However the scheme is a part of ADP 2009-10 and would be financed equally by government of Sindh and CDGK. The official said that the CDGK had submitted the report and replies to the observations and also the same were discussed with the Transport and Communication section of Planning and Development Department of Sindh government. They have agreed to modify the scheme in light of the observations of P&D Department. The above scheme was approved but the advise of administrative approval would be issued after the submission of modified PC-I. Similarly, another project improvement of roads under Lyari Development Package (revised) with estimated cost Rs428.426 million has been approved for consideration of PDWP. The revised scheme proposed improvement/construction of 9 roads in Lyari Town, however, the scheme was visited by T&C Section as per decision of technical committee meeting and suggested some rectification work. The modified revised PC-I was considered by technical committee recently and it recommended the scheme for PDWP to complete the remaining patch work of Chakiwara Road at Fakir Muhammad Durrah Road to ensure their good riding quality. According to official, the rectification work was done and confirmation was made regarding requirement of electrification work. The scheme would be completed in two months except one Shah Bhitai Road where rising main drain by KW&SB had to be laid. However, the project director, Lyari Package, was asked to see how the work on rising main drain could be expedited to complete this road. He said that Shahrah-e-Saadi was an important artery of Karachi City which remains under stress by heavy volume of all categories of traffic including port traffic. Presently deterioration like undulations and failure in base has been developed. It was therefore, essential to rehabilitate this road with modern techniques in order to withstand the increased volume of traffic from Mai Kolachi to Bilawal Chowrangi. The scheme was cleared by technical committee recently cleared the scheme for PDWP, he said. Official further said that the CDGK had already constructed one track on the park side going to Bilawal Chowrangi from Mai Kolachi and service roads after Bilawal Chowrangi without the approval of PDWP which was a irregular expenditure. The road was constructed and the President of Pakistan was supposed to inaugurate the Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park on August 14, 2009 but could not be inaugurated. Furthermore, in order to regularise the expenditure a summary to Chief Minister was required which was to be moved by the Local Govt Department. The Local Govt Department would submit the summary for its funding from ADP 2009-10 either from block allocation of Karachi Package or block allocation kept for directives.