ISLAMABAD - Most sugar millers are going to delay sugarcane procurement to benefit in terms of increased production of sugar from the commodity, but exploiting farmers at the same time. President Agri Forum Pakistan Ibrahim Mughal while talking to TheNation said that 100-kilograms of sugarcane procured in the end of November or mid-December enables the production of 8.5 kilograms sugar, whereas the same quantity if procured in the end of December or start of January gives sugar production of 11 kilograms to the millers. This means that if the sugarcane crop remains in the fields for a month after mid-November, it increases sugar output for millers, but at the same time causes suffering to farmers who desperately need money at that time of the year. The millers get two types of benefits from this act. Firstly, if they do not procure the commodity and delay crushing, it gives them more output in future and makes the product (sugar) heaper for them in terms of cost of the basic ingredient. Secondly, they get in a position to exploit farmers and force them to sell their produce at cheaper rates. An official of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture said Yes millers benefit but the farmers suffer as they have to look after their crop for one more month, which increases their cost and also delays the cultivation of wheat crop if the farmers want to do so on the same land. He informed that this year for the first time in history of the country farmers seemed to be in a position to get the right price from the millers for their produce, as there was lesser production of sugarcane in the country. But he regretted that millers who are in habit of exploiting farmers cannot accept the situation easily and would definitely try to have the upper hand over the farmers. He further said that it is now in the hands of the farmers whether or not to get exploited by the millers, adding that it is a reality that sugarcane production is lesser than its demand in the country. Hence, he said, if the farmers stick to the price demanded from the millers against their produce, the millers would have to pay. But as per the farmers point of view, most of them are not in a sound financial position to stand up to the millers. Since they do not have enough resources, they sell their crop as soon as possible and accept the lesser amount against their produce. Market sources said that most sugar millers of Punjab would most probably start crushing towards the end of December, which could also affect wheat cultivation in the province, and could result-antly cause a decrease in the production of the commodity.