WASHINGTON US President Barack Obama and his senior advisers will consider five strategies for Afghanistan and Pakistan at their next meeting on Wednesday, administration officials said. Obama and his advisers will consider an Afghanistan-Pakistan strategy, including recommendations on strategy and troops level recommended by General Stanley McChrystal, the top US commander in Afghanistan, ABC News reported on Tuesday. During his Oct. 30 meeting with the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Obama asked officials to assess four other strategy options-including the missions, troops requirements and cost-but hasnt reviewed them, ABC said. All five options would increase the number of US troops in Afghanistan. 'Ive been asking not only General McChrystal, but all of our commanders who are familiar with the situation, as well as our civilian folks on the ground, a lot of questions that, until theyre answered, may create a situation in which we resource something based on faulty premises, Obama said in an interview with ABC. 'And I want to make sure that we have tested all the assumptions that were making before we send young men and women into harms way; that if we are sending additional troops that the prospects of a functioning Afghan government are enhanced, that the prospects of al Qaeda being able to attack the US homeland are reduced. The White House has denied reports that Obama has decided a strategy for Afghanistan. An announcement of his final decision is expected after he returns Nov 19 from a visit abroad.