ISLAMABAD (PPI) - As the chill has started to increase, the sale of winter clothes, new as well as secondhand ones has shot up in the twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Sale of woolen clothes, particularly the second-hand variety, has shot up in the twin cities. Stall of winter clothes and sales points of shoes can be witnessed at Aabpara Marker, Melody Marker, Super Market, Jinnah Super Market, Sittara Marker, Peshawar Morr, Karachi Company, Faizabad, Commercial Market, Sadiqabad Chowk, Raja Bazaar and at many other big shopping malls and markets of the twin cities. Shopkeepers are looking busy in making their business. Cold and chilly weather and the rain of the last two days forced the people to buy winter clothes and other necessary items to bear the severe wave of coldness in the town. Heaps of second-hand quilts, blankets and rugs are up for sale in the weekly markets of Islamabad. Crowds of people, both poor and rich can be seen bargaining with retailers in markets and weekly bazaars where besides woolies heaps of quilts, bedcovers, blankets and rugs are up for sale. There is no other option except to buy winter clothes, when the cold and chilly breeze of the Margala Hills was in full swing, Asif Baloch, a resident G-6. He said that the winter season of Islamabad has always very severe and cool. Snow-fall at Murree Hills also affected the weather of the city, he added. Sale of winter clothes is going on as usual, said Sammiullah, a shopkeeper at Aabpara Market. To a query about the average sale of winter clothes, he said that owing to very high prices, people were reluctant to buy clothes. However the continues rain from the last two days forced the people to buy winter clothes and blankets for themselves, he added. He said that we have no other option to sale clothes on high rates because we have bought them on high prices. He said that almost twenty to fifty percent has been observed in prices of winter clothes and shoes. The vendors and dealers are doing brisk business as their clothes are selling like hot cakes. Our business is going very well these days as the demand for winter clothes has risen, said Abid Khan, a shopkeeper at Karachi Company. Our sales have doubled and we expect that in the days ahead these will go up further, claimed another shopkeeper who owns a shop at Super Market. All kinds of wears and accessories including gloves, woolen hats, mufflers, pullovers, sweater shirts and jackets are seen hanging in front of shops and booths of weekly bazaars, attracting the customers. Prices of winter clothes are very high in this year, said Aneela Aziz, a shopper adding that she was here to buy some clothes. But the prices of clothes and jackets are out of range, she added. She said that common man couldnt afford to buy new clothes in winter season. Many people throng to weekly bazaars and Lunda bazaars to buy clothes that are cheaper. The poor people get warm clothes from Lunda Bazaars at very cheap prices, said Muhammad Karim at the capitals popular G-6 Weekly Bazaar. The prices of new winter wears are out of our reach. We, therefore, rush to second-hand clothes stalls, where we get quality clothes at affordable rates, he added. Winter season always brings hardships for poor, said Zubair Ali, a resident of G-8 adding that Islamabad has no place for poor people. Prices of daily commodities including winter clothes, jackets, blankets are sky rocketing in the town, he said.