LAHORE - Faculty of Education, University of the Punjab will organize a 3-day International Education Conference in collaboration with the Promotion of Education in Pakistan (PEP) Foundation, HEC and Pakistan Association for Research in Education (PARE) at IER, New Campus from October 21 to 23. The conference will provide a platform where elementary, high school, vocational, college, and university level educationists will meet and discuss educational path in Pakistan, identify its needs and response to new market requirements and bring about positive change and recommendations to the attention of policy and decision makers. The conference aims at organizing the education community in Pakistan at national level to have a greater voice in shaping national procedures and policies with ultimate goal of improving standard and quality of education in Pakistan, increasing participation rate, especially of students from economically disadvantaged backgrounds at all levels of education, reviewing issues of quality in higher education and bringing reforms in mainstream madrassah education. Main theme of the conference is Education in Pakistan: issues, challenges and reforms and its sub-themes are curriculum and Instruction; effective pedagogical strategies; assessment and evaluation; access and equity in education; teacher development; leadership in education; ICT in education; reforms in school education; quality of higher education; reforms in higher education; education policies; public private partnership; quality assurance and accreditation; gender issues, financing of education; impact of globalisation; reforms in madrassah education. So far the IER faculty has received about 130 abstracts from national and international resource persons. After the blind peer review, 80 abstracts were accepted for oral and poster presentation.