LAHORE - The City Police claimed to have smashed 574 criminal gangs and arrested their 1,867 members, while looted property of worth rupees 216 million, was also recovered during the first nine months of the current year. As many as 30 thousand Court Absconders (CAs) and Proclaimed Offenders (POs) have also been nabbed during the same period this year. It was disclosed in a special meeting of senior police officers held under the chairmanship of Capital City Police Officer (CCPO), Muhammad Aslam Tareen on Sunday. The meeting was informed that not less than 3,928 cases had also been traced against the 1,867 accused, including 12 cases of murders, 16 cases of dacoity-cum-murder, 78 of dacoity, 1,366 of robbery, 1,721 of burglary and 734 other cases. Likewise, Lahore Police have recovered booty of worth over Rs 216 million, including Rs.18 million in cash, 9 kg and 38 tolas gold ornaments, 98 cars, 548 motorcycles, 1,823 cell phones, 20 pickups and rickshaws, two tractors, three trucks, six Toyota Hi-aces, bicycles, laptops, watches, foreign currency and other precious items. In its campaign against outlaws, the City Police have also arrested 18,839 proclaimed offenders, out of which 779 were involved in murder cases, 622 in murder attempts, 499 in dacoity, 1,678 in robbery, 2,145 in burglary and 13,116 in other miscellaneous cases. In the drive against illegal weapons, 4,229 cases were registered and 4,272 accused were arrested. Police also seized 33 Kalashnikovs, 167 rifles, 313 guns, 3,669 pistols and revolvers, 50 carbines, 23 mousers, one bomb, four jackets, 45 daggers, 22 kg ammunition and more than 21 thousand bullets from the possession of these outlaws. Similarly, the Lahore Police also arrested 7,691 drug pushers and seized as much as 76 kg heroin, 2,125 kg hashish, 535 kg opium, 587 injections and 27,293 bottles of liquor. The police also arrested 6,708 gamblers and seized stake money of worth over Rs 9.8 million.