INDIA is concerned over Chinas supplies of nuclear reactors to Pakistan which has a poor record as a nuclear power, Indian Minister of State for Science and Technology Prithviraj Chavan said. We have expressed our concerns at the appropriate place. We have protested citing the previous exchanges of nuclear technology illegally particularly through Abdul Qadeer Khan. Nobody has addressed that, Chavan told reporters in Indian city of Kalpakkam, around 50 km from Chennai, on Sunday. He said India had serious concerns about something like that - transfer of nuclear technology illegally - happening. He said India had established a good track record in the nuclear field whereas Pakistan does not have such a record. Queried about India allowing private domestic or foreign companies to operate nuclear power stations, amending the Atomic Energy Act, he said: At the moment the UPA (United Progressive Alliance) government does not find any need to change the law. Right now money is not an issue for allowing foreign companies as nuclear power plant operators. We are inviting domestic government owned companies as minority partners for the Nuclear Power Corporation of India. He said the government does not want anybody to walk out of the plant by simply shutting it down one day as there are issues like proper handling of nuclear waste. He said the government was also looking at providing more autonomy to the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB). There is an internal debate going on as to the shape of additional autonomy that the AERB should be given, he said. He said India was certainly interested in buying uranium mines overseas so as to overcome the shortage.