LAHORE - Political leaders at a seminar on Sunday were unanimous on the point that supremacy of the constitution must be upheld and failure of rulers should not be attributed to democracy. The seminar, titled, how to come out of the present mess was organised by Punjab Union of Journalists at Lahore Press Club and addressed by former PML-N Information Secretary Senator Zafar Ali Shah, Tereek-e-Istiqlal chief Rahmat Khan Wardag, Chairman Istiqlal Party Syed Manzoor Gilani, PPP leader, Altaf Ahmed Qureshi, Secretary JUI (Noorani) Qari Zawar Bahadur and others. Speaking on the occasion, Zafar Ali Shah said that democracy had become a mockery just because of the non-serious behaviour of the rulers. He said election had also become a joke in this country, as fake degree holders were being awarded tickets and re-elected. Altaf Ahmed Qureshi said that despite having difference of opinion on different issues, the PPP and PML (N) were not repeating the old mistakes of 90s. He said they were not in favour of any clash between the government and judiciary. Rahmat Khan Wardag said that America was responsible for Talibniztion in the region, as it wanted to destroy Russia and used Pakistan to achieve its goals. Syed Manzoor Gilani said that the Parliament was supreme and all other institutions including army, judiciary and civil services were supposed to work under its supervision. He was of the view that the only way to come out of the current political mess was to establish supremacy of the Parliament. Qari Zawar Bahadur said the nation was facing anarchy, corruption and target killings due to incompetence of the rulers. Leader of JI Farooq Chauhan, vice president PTI Ijaz Chaudhry, Aziz Awan and others also spoke on the occasion.