ISLAMABAD In the face of fast deteriorating political and moral stature of Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani, some of his close political aides have advised him either to assert himself as a powerful PM or step aside to save his political career and let the real culprits face the music. Sources in the ruling Pakistan Peoples Party informed TheNation that Prime Minister Gilani was quite perturbed over the prevailing situation wherein his whole political career is on stake due to the political and constitutional mess-up by the close confederates of President Zardari, but being the Chief Executive of the incumbent Government he has to face the brunt. Sources further said that contrary to the powers delegated to him under the recently passed 18th Amendment, the role of Prime Minister has been compromised and with each passing day his say in the governmental affairs is shrinking, due to which the discontent in the Prime Ministers camp is growing. Sources further said that some the Ministers, who are answerable to him, have little care for him and they are directly taking orders from the Presidency. On a number of occasions Prime Minister Gilani had to face embarrassment when some matter was brought before him about which he was unaware. Sources said that political aides of Prime Minister Gilani have advised him to put his foot down and assert his authority or step down to save his fast dipping credibility both in the eyes of the other coalition partners and Pakistan Muslim League (Nawaz) with whom he had made numerous promises in the past but later owing to pressure from Presidency, he had to eat his words. Sources further said that even the key allies of the Government including Awami National Party, Jamiat-e-Ulema-e-Islam (Fazl) and Muttahida Qaumi Movement have now turned their faces to the Presidency, as Prime Minister Gilani had made a number of promises with all these allies in the past but he would only manage to honour only a few because of people sitting in the Presidency. Be it the backtracking from repeated promises made with the apex judiciary on the implementation of NRO or be it the non-fulfilment of the promises made with coalition partners, it was the man sitting in the Presidency who became a main source of embarrassment for the Premier Gilani. Sources further said that the political aides of the PM had asked him to exercise his powers in running the governmental affairs or step down as Prime Minister to save his political career, which is badly tainted during his current stint as Prime Minister of Pakistan.