ISLAMABAD - Politicians cum sugar millers seem to be the winners against sugarcane growers, as the farmers may not get better price of their products due to policymakers decision of eliminating import duty on raw sugar. The growers who worked hard in their fields would be forced to serve the sugar millers. The farmers have reservations over elimination of the import duty from raw sugar but they are not in a position to get the decision reversed. The Government has announced the price Rs125 per 40-kilogram sugarcane but most of the farmers believed that they deserved something more. For that purpose they dont want the Government to increase the support price of sugarcane but just to impose duty on import of raw sugar. It is also pertinent to mention here that Minister for Food and Agriculture, Nazar Muhammad Gondal also confessed in a meeting with some farmers representatives that the elimination of duty on raw sugar import might harm the farmers. But he didnt do anything to save farmers from exploitation of the sugar millers. The farmers demanded that it must be imposed again, said the sources. However, industrialists believe that the elimination of duty would help decrease the price of commodity in the market. But at the same time some of them are also not happy with the Government that the price of raw sugar might increase in the international market, as it announced so openly. Neither the consumers will get any benefit from the low price nor the farmers will get better price of the product, an official of the Ministry said. Only the industrialist would get benefit from it, he said.