LAHORE - The system of provision of free medicines to patients in City government hospitals which comprises Indent and Local Purchase has proved to be a total failure in the provision of free medicines to the public and it is a need of the hour to set up Indoor pharmacies at all wards which should remain open round the clock. This would ensure provision of free medicines to the public and also prevent the medicines to be stolen from the hospitals. Young Doctors Association office bearers Dr Rana Sohail and Dr Salman Kazmi, have further added that daily in morning, medicines are indented from the main stores and some of these medicines are stolen by the mafia that is operative in the government hospitals and as a result of which not only the patients are suffering but the government is also at a loss. Computerized indoor pharmacies need to be made at all wards and special slips for doctors need to be designed on which the duty doctors can write the medicines and then the empty bottles of the medicines should be resubmitted back to the pharmacy so that the theft of medicines can be stopped.