KARACHI - Islamic Republic of Iran is the one of the Pakistans closest friends, which always stands with the people of Pakistan in hard times and it is again standing with Pakistan today. In the recent floods which played havoc, the government and people of Iran extended helping hands in mitigating the sufferings of flood-affected people in Pakistan. So far Iran has dispatched a huge quantity of the necessary goods including dry foods, tents, medicines and essential items for flood-stricken people of Pakistan. These contingents had reached Pakistan and distributed among the affected people. On other hand, Iranians authorities expressed solidarity with the country. Iran has announced its full support to provide relief in this critical and time-tested situation in Pakistan. People of the call of Imam Khomeni donated food items, medicines, clothes cash and other essential goods worth 30 million dollars to the flood-affected people. Whatever amount of relief goods the International Red Crescent has donated, Iran contributed 51 percent of which. When approached for his views, the Head of Helal Ahmar Organisation of Iran - Red Crescent Society of Iran (RCSI) - Dr Mehmud Mozaffar said that 20,000 volunteers of IRC are busy in relief and rescue operation in the country and their main focus is Sindh province where 90 percent relief goods are being distributed among the flood victims. The relief workers of the Red Crescent Society have visited more than 10,000 patients, setting up more than 14,000 tents and establishing 21 medical camps for the flood victims, he said, adding that aid and relief goods and public donations are regularly being dispatched to Pakistan. He said that Iranian physicians, doctors and relief workers are providing services to flood-hit Pakistanis. Dr Mozaffar, who visited Thatta, Hyderabad, Jamshoro, Moro, Sukkur, Larkana, Dadu, Khairpur Nathan Shah, Johi, said that large number of people are still stranded in floodwaters in Khairpur Nathan Shah, and Johi and no rescue team has rescued them so far. Helal Ahmar of Iran directly provided 14,000 tents to the flood affectess, besides food, medicines, clothes, drinking water etc. The society has set up and looking after 22 camps in Thatta and adjoining areas. Responding to a query, he said that most of relief goods directly provided to the flood victims with the help of local NGOS while a sizeable quantity was handed over to Disaster Management Authority. He informed that 3,000 tons of relief goods including food items, medicines, clothes etc are on its way to Pakistan via Quetta in 150 trucks while remaining 3000 tons will reach in next couple of days. Replying to another question, he said Iran has pledged 100 million dollars aid of which 30 million dollars for rescue and relief while remaining 70 million dollars for rehabilitation. He said people of Iran donated goods and cash worth 30 million dollars on the call of Imam Khomeni whereas the government of Iran will contribute 70 million dollars in the rehabilitation. In response to a query, Dr Mozaffar said that it was unprecedented flood which caused large scale death and destruction in Sindh and whatever aid was provided by the international community, is not enough. When asked how much time the rehabilitation work will take, he said it is up to Pakistani government as to how seriously it takes the rehabilitation and reconstruction. But in his opinion, parts of North Sindh are the worst affected and there are certain places where people are stranded in floodwaters and dying of hunger and disease and no rescue and relief team has reached there so far. Human skeletons and rotten dead bodies are floating at places and there are fears of outbreak of disease due to stench, if rescue and relief operation was not carried out there. We are the first who discovered the far-flung areas in Khairpur Nathan Shah, (Dadu district) and provided them food, medicines and other necessary goods. We discovered 14,000 flood affectees and shifted them in camps where our volunteers looked after them. Mant feet water is standing in Khairpur Nathan Shah, Johi and other scattered places in Dadu and at least one year is needed to dry these places, he added.