THE weather is continuing hot, even though it is now October. But as I reminded She Whose Word Is Law, when we got married, way back in the 20th century, November had fans operating. She Whose Word Is Law is a little weepy these days, because her niece got married last week, but my dumb male logic still says that is no reason to be weepy. The wedding also made me realize that the traditional rukhsati and walima dont provide the only opportunities for meals: there are the dinners hosted for the couple afterwards, one of which we hosted, at which She Whose Word Is Law proved she is a wonderful cook, as if there is any doubt; but before there are mehndis, and ubtans and Quran khwanis and so on, which are presently limited, but can be made as elaborate as you wish, and for us Lahoris, the wedding itself can be according to Eskimo rites, but there must be a rule that cholesterol doesnt apply on Lahori soil. Special protection given by Data Sahib? Well, it seems as if the spiritual brothers of those who carried out the blast at Data Sahibs shrine were busy in Karachi, where they blasted the shrine of Shah Abdullah Ghazi. I have happy memories of Karachi, where I went to the Sindh Assembly, and got a sight of, among other luminaries, Syed Deedar Hussain Shah, who was then in the PPP Opposition, and not yet elevated to the Sindh High Court, let alone the Supreme Court. Perhaps that might explain why he sported a Sindhi cap and shalwar qameez. I presume he graced neither court with this garb. In fact, I hope he didnt. I hope he wont as NAB Chairman. Otherwise the NAB staff might not survive the experience. So though I had a deedar of Deedar Hussain Shah, I didnt have one of Shah Abdullah Ghazi. Only Deedar Hussain Shah would say that I had the better deal that way. In a system where the NAB Chairman is the subject of controversy, there is little chance of ending corruption. The President should take notice, for the persistence of corruption cant help the War on Terror. Or can it? If everyone is honest, who would fight the War? Except, of course, Rehman Malik, the indefatigable Warrior against Terror. The War could have gone better, and the closure of supply lines to the NATO forces, which had been granted to them across Pakistan, did not help. And the closure took place over a petty matter. If NATO gunship helicopters invaded Pakistani soil and shot up Pakistanis, so what? Drones do it every day. Everybody in government must be relieved that the supply lines have now been restored, after the apology for killing FC personnel. After all, maybe the helicopter gunships could shoot up a future Governor of Sindh or Chairman WAPDA. The personages killed by NATO helicopter gunships were in a different category. They were military people, and thus could not be spared from the defence against India, and while the death of civilians only means an easing of the population problem. And we must remember that it is intended for this region that we fight the War on Terror ourselves, under the leadership of India, so the armed forces must accommodate themselves to this reality. The people of the country dont really count, except as supporters of the Army. Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf, one of the strongest proponents of this, has founded his own party, and is thus appealing to the very people he felt needed so much reform. Theres always something sad about seeing a retired officer trying to make a comeback. I shall return said Gen Douglas MacArthur when leaving the Philippines just ahead of the Japanese. He did, and that seems to have haunted military men, especially Pakistani, ever since. Even if Musharraf has not written a second volume of memoirs, he seems to have already titled them Pakistans Golden Years. And he should also remember that if elected he would find himself bound by the Constitution, which he could not amend by the stroke of a pen. When he preceded Rehman Malik as the Sole Warrior, the Constitution was subject to his pen, as was the Supreme Court. The judges may have won independence, but no one can say they are happy. If lawyers have emerged from hospital wards and police station lock-ups and gone back to courtrooms, its only because the Sessions Judge Lahore has gone on long leave. And judges are not happy. Nor are lawyers, still licking the wounds inflicted on their credibility. Well, the lawyers could be worse off. They could be athletes at the Commonwealth Games in Delhi, watching in shocked silence as a snake slinks through their hotel room. Or worse, they could find themselves falling through the air as a walkway collapses. The fault is of those who have believed all the propaganda meant to boost India against China, enough to have another games following up the Asian Games of 1982, which werent so badly managed. But then the Pakistan team won the hockey gold, which they dont look like doing now.