LAHORE - His name is Gen Khwaja Ziauddin, but is called by almost everyone as Gen Ziauddin Butt. The man who was appointed as the army chief and then 'dis-appointed by the supporters of Gen Musharraf the same day ie Oct 12,1999 was the chief guest at a ceremony organised by the Tech Society on Sunday. Before coming to the rostrum, the general asked the stage secretary Sheikh Zubair to remove the understanding about his name. He obligingly told the audience that the stage secretary was mistakenly called as Gen Butt, he was, in fact, Gen Khwaja. This clearly meant that he should in future be addressed by his correct name. However, when the stage secretary requested the general to come and address, he called him Gen Butt, causing a guffaw in the hall. When he was reminded that he himself had corrected others about the generals name, the stage secretary said he knew the chief guest was Gen Butt. Realising that the stage secretary was finding it difficult to call him by his actual name, Gen Khwaja said: Kashmiris have adopted me. He said since the mothers mother of all Kashmiris was the same, it wouldnt make any difference whether he was called a Khwaja or a Butt. Then he narrated a story of his visit to India, where the hosts had told him that in their country Bhatts were 'rascals, but in Pakistan they become generals.