GUJRAT Defence Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar Sunday said the Karzai government was negotiating with different groups for achieving peace in Afghanistan but Pakistan was not playing any role in the process because it did not want to be seen responsible for any failure of talks. Addressing a news conference at his office in Gujrat, he said Islamabad wanted a stable Afghanistan, which was also vital for Pakistan but it was not facilitating the dialogue process. Mukhtar said Islamabad had told NATO that it would have to face consequences if it violated Pakistans sovereignty. Commenting on the much-talked political changes, he said neither the establishment had given him cue nor he could notice any change in the political set up. He expressed his confidence that PML-N chief Nawaz Sharif would not merge his party into Pir Pagaras Functional League. Mukhtar said Pir Pagara was an astrologer who could forecast co-called changes hovering over the political dispensation but only those politicians were visiting him who had lost the general elections. About former president Pervez Musharrafs statements, he said he should return to the country to face the allegations against him because nobody was endorsing most of his claims. The politics of allegations between Nawaz Sharif and Pervez Musharraf is not good. The PML-N should file a case against Musharraf under the Article-6 in case it is willing to do so. Why should the PPP take all the wrong decisions, Mukhtar questioned. Dispelling the impression that the PPP was responsible for the clash between the bar and the bench in Punjab, he said his party had nothing to do with the issue, adding that the lawyers should play a positive role to resolve the matter.